Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who Knew The Doves Were Hawks All Along

"Obama will seek Congressional approval. Translation: Obama will seek somebody else to blame for this disaster." Tweet By David Burge

  • Recall Pres. Obama, John F. Kerry, Chuck Hagel, Joe Biden and many other democrats who made their political careers out of bashing the "cowboys" of the Bush administration? Yet, when it comes to the "civil war" in Syria, it's time to engage AFTER TWO YEARS have passed and over 100,000 people have been killed. But now, as the hypocrites like Pelosi and Wasserman want to remind us, it's about the children. Saddam Hussein gassed children. Where were you then? In fact, where have you been in the last two years? We do know Kerry and his wife had a nice dinner with Assad two years ago. We also know Hillary proclaimed Assad a "reformer" in 2011.
  • As I've written in several of my previous posts ("The Administration's Other Big Failure: Foreign Policy" and "Banging The War Drums: Trying To Rescue Obama From His Own Rhetoric"), the inept foreign policy of this administration is beginning to be played out for the entire country and world to see.  From the disaster in Egypt in backing the Muslim Brotherhood to the killing of our staff in Benghazi to the failed "reset" with Russia (and Russia moved another war ship to Syria where they already have a naval base) to Iraq returning to civil war and al-Qaeda branching out, we're now witnessing our friends---like the United Kingdom---avoiding us. Even worse, our enemies appear to no longer fear us.
  • But all of this should not surprise anyone. When we have an administration that abandons its leadership as a global force for good, we get what we see in Syria and in many other parts of the world today. As Rich Lowry of the National Review said recently, "As the Syria crisis burns hotter, President Obama has never looked so feckless. He has perfected the art of speaking reproachfully and carrying little or no stick."
  • It was clear that the administration boxed themselves in with the "red-line" proclamation last year. So there was only one way out---only one other option: Abandon the war-like rhetoric of one week ago and consult with Congress. As David Burge Tweeted (above), Obama will have someone else to blame for this disaster.
  • It's clear the use of chemical weapons on civilians is  horrific. But so is murdering hundreds and thousands of people.  It's just as horrific as hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians who are being slaughtered today in many other parts of the world.  Yet, we and most of our allies don't blink an eye to that butchery. But unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, this is a civil war in Syria. There's bad guys on both sides of that red line.  If Congress and the president do decide to take against the Assad regime, what exactly comes next?
  • The irony the American people are witnessing is conspicuous: Obama and many Democrats came to office promising the United States would be withdrawing from the Middle East. Yet now, their credibility rests on whether they will intervene in yet another conflict in the Middle East. As I wrote a few days ago, who will rescue President Obama from his own rhetoric---his declarations are often embedded in quicksand.