Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Americans Should Follow The NY Mayoral Election---Will NY Make The Same Mistake The Nation Did In 2008?

Man With Widely Circulated Penis Pictures Not The Most Humiliated Person At Podium.. The Onion on Weiner and wife giving a speech at a rally.

  • Many people might believe that the New York mayoral race is not important to their lives. After all, it did turn into one long dick joke with Weiner. But Weiner lost the primary (some say he pulled out prematurely--sorry, I can't help it---low hanging fruit). But Americans should follow this race.
  • Recall just over six years ago, a man by the name of Barack Obama entered the national political domain. Back then, the most miserable prick in Congress today, Harry Reid, referred to Obama as  "light skinned...with no negro dialect."  Joe Biden, who also entered the fray and was prying his foot out of his mouth throughout the campaign, said of Obama at the time: "I mean. You got the first main-stream African-American who is articulate and bright, and clean and a nice-looking guy." How could Obama lose even when he was facing the Clinton machine (Hillary at the controls)?
  • He couldn't. If you recall, Obama had the mainstream media in his hip pocket as he does now(at one time during the campaign while at Barnes + Noble, I counted over 40 books and magazines with the images of Obama or Michelle or both on their covers). Very few in the mainstream media (or presstitutes as I like to refer to them) carried any stories about Obama's past associations with former domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and company.

  • Jump to the present, we now have an avowed socialist---some might say Marxist---who may well become the next mayor of the largest city in the United States---New York.
  • Bill de Blasio, "democrat" candidate for mayor of NY, is a long-time admirer and sympathizer of Nicaragua's Marxists Sandinistas. He even traveled to Nicaragua in his mid-20's. In the 1980's, he helped raise funds for the Sandinistas and even subscribed to the party's Marxist newspaper. He also happened to honeymoon in Cuba in violation of U.S. policy.
  • As late as the 1990's, he described himself as an advocate of "democratic socialism." (code for Marxist). To this day, he admires European socialist movements. In fact, to this day, he has support from the likes of Al Sharpton and former senior officers of ACORN. Pres. Obama recently endorsed his candidacy.
  • But let's not stop with de Blasio. Let's, for a moment, take a look at his hero---Daniel Ortega, current president of Nicaragua and member of the Sandinistas National Liberation Front.

  • Ortega travelled to Cuba to be trained in guerrilla tactics. He led the revolution to overthrow Somoza government at the time (Somoza was another thug dictator of Nicaragua at the time). Ortega took office as president. As a Marxist-Leninist, he instituted the redistribution of wealth and land. Today, Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America and least developed.
  • Oh, one more item: As a young revolutionary thug in 1967 (coincidentally, the same period of time domestic terrorists like Ayers and company took part in their revolutionary activities), Ortega was arrested for robbing a bank while brandishing a machine gun (I guess, for those on the Left, automatic weapons are acceptable when used for revolutionary purpose).
  • So here we go again. America's largest city is poised to vote in another fake, phony and fraud (by the way, he's legally changed his name three times already. He attributes it to a tumultuous childhood). Memo to all New Yorkers: Don't Make The Same Mistake The Nation Did In 2008 because Karma can be a bitch.