Tuesday, February 18, 2014

John F. Kerry, The Fake, Phony + Fraud Jumps On Al Gore's Fake, Phony And Fraud Climate Change Train

Iron Dumped In Ocean Might Slow Global Warming...The Onion

  • Anyone who has read my posts over the years knows I pegged Al Gore as a fake, phony and fraud years ago. 
  • But for a few moments, I'll defer to Andrea Peyser of the NY Post. She's written some remarkable pieces on Al Gore and global warming (oh, excuse me, I mean climate change---italics are my words). In 2011, she wrote the following: "Can it be? Has the guru of global warming, the Bozo of ozone and the pooh-pah of the probably-not-so-endangered polar bear, gone completely off his bleeping rocker? I'm talking about Al Gore...who, after leaving the White House, reinvented himself as a minor deity (as everyone knows, Obama was considered the major deity at the time)---a Gulfstream-riding, energy-slurping champion of Planet Earth...Gore has long lived by the hypocrite's mantra, 'Do what I demand, not what I do,' after his Tennessee mansion was revealed to drink up to 20 times the energy of the average house, Gore added solar panels."
  • And as recently as yesterday, Peyser wrote this about Al Gore, "I envy Al Gore. I'm jealous of all deluded salesmen of the junk science politically correct term 'climate change' who see a near future in which our entire planet turns into sunny Florida. No, wait---during the polar vortex that hit this country like a cold slap in the face last month, all 50 states recorded temperatures below freezing. That includes Florida, Hawaii too."

  • For a moment, allow me to put my own feelings on the table. Unlike Al Gore and others, I don't believe it's "settled science." Instead, I believe it should continue to be debated. First of all, the earth's climate changes all the time. Most geologists agree the earth has gone through at least 5 ice ages including some mini-ice ages. Logic dictates the earth warms after an ice age. In fact, in the mid-1970's, geologists and scientists warned of another impending ice age (cover of TIME above).
  • Yet, climate scientists had to admit last year that the Earth's surface temps stopped rising in 1997.
  • In addition to being unsettled science, we've also learned that the global warming alarmists have a history of fraud. In 2009, one of the leading climate research centers in the world---Britain's University of East Anglia---was found to falsify and withhold information on global warming to suppress contrary findings. In other words, this group of global warming researchers corrupted climate science to hide the truth. Or, as Forbes pointed out so well in 2011, there are many who gain from advocating a flawed science. Namely, these include agenda driven federal regulatory agencies, environmental lobby groups, special interest hedge-fund managers and the U.N.

  • So all of this brings me to that other fake, phony (and back-stabbing) fraud, John F. Kerry. This week Kerry is to make a clarion call for more action on climate change. He'll do it at the UN. This nitwit likened climate change to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. 
  • But the insanity does not end there. Last week, Pres. Obama said he would ask Congress (wow! "ask" Congress---that's a first) to set up a $1B "Climate Change Resilience Fund." Say what? A Resilience fund?
  • I'm sure the 92 million Americans who have dropped out of the workforce and the record number now in poverty appreciate that our government will waste another $1B on climate change---as they almost freeze to death this winter because they are unable to pay their energy bills.