Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pres. Obama, Hillary Clinton + John F. Kerry: The Faces Of Failure, Defeat + Appeasement

"The good news: Some of President Obama's threats still strike fear in their targets' hearts. The bad: It's not the heart of America's enemies..." Benny Avni, NY Post Middle East columnist

  • Not long ago, I wrote a piece about the failures of our foreign policy. I later corrected that piece to claim we actually have no foreign policy.
  • During Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, the best that could be said during her time in that Office was she traveled a lot and met with key players on the geo-political ball field. That's like saying Joe is a great salesperson because he drove 500 miles today, met with several clients but didn't sell a damn thing.  
  • But even Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer (not exactly a right-of-center publication) wrote this: "Clinton produced no diplomatic breakthroughs nor any new strategic doctrine...She has no major foreign policy success." Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post later wrote: "Where is the record of accomplishment, let alone greatness?" As she traveled throughout the world getting praise and awards from the hordes of genuflecters , we watched as Egypt slipped into the chains of the Muslim Brotherhood and Syria started to implode. By the way, her tenure as Senator from NY State wasn't much better. reported her record of accomplishment as Senator as trifling. In addition, she missed about 10% of her votes. The average is about 2% among Senators.

  • And then another fake, phony and fraud (in his case, back-stabbing fraud) entered the world of American geo-politics. His name? John F. Kerry. This guy grabbed the baton from Hillary and proceeded to lose more races. In the last year, he's carried through with employing Pres. Obama's vision. Namely, as pointed out by the Washington Post's editorials board: "President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality." In the last five years, the Obama administration has been able to use its red line, not against our enemies, but against our own prestige, influence, security, and military strength (as evidenced by Hagel recommending we cut our military forces to the level prior to WWII).
  • With Kerry, however, this lack of foreign policy expertise has been a disaster for the United States as well as the rest of the world. This is a Secretary of State who is clueless when it comes to facing the likes of Putin as he his by the Palestinians. The NY Post even made this observation: "That John Kerry---what a joker. With Russia showing signs it will bite off another piece of Ukraine, our secretary of state warned that Vladimir Putin will face 'further costs' he he takes one more step. 'Further costs' suggests Putin paid a price for gobbling up Crimea..."
  • What we've witnessed with this administration in the last five years is not only a significant polarization within our own borders but also beyond our borders. Or, as Michael Goodwin said recently: "No president can win 'em all but Obama's foreign-policy record is unblemished by success."