Monday, July 21, 2014

Progressives Like Obama, Hillary Clinton, Reid + Many Others Are The Milli Vanilli Of American Politics

The president fully supports Israeli's right to be patient and understanding while being pummeled by non-stop rocket attacks...WH Press Secretary

  • Most know the story of Milli Vanilli, the singing duo busted for not singing their own songs. During their short career, they actually won many awards including a Grammy (unlike Pres. Obama's Nobel Prize, the Grammy was later withdrawn). In short, they were found to be fake, phonies and frauds.
  • The very same can be said for the progressive political class. They always try to sell the American people an illusion. Whether it's downplaying real scandals or wrapping programs like Obamacare in bold-faced lies, it's still all a deception. Just last week, in the middle of the crisis on our own borders, the crisis that was erupting in the Ukraine and Hamas pummeling Israel with rockets and missiles, Pres. Obama declared the global community "tranquil." Even Harry Reid proclaimed the U.S. border was secure.
  • As I wrote not long ago, the elite progressive political class are the great pretenders. We've listened to the likes of Hillary Clinton spread the progressive ideology of economic inequality and redistribution of wealth while she herself tried to convince the American people she and Bill Clinton were broke. Pres. Obama's attacks on economic inequality should fall on deaf ears considering he's attended over 400 fat-cat fundraisers in the previous six years and even managed to fit in almost 180 rounds of golf---with those same fat cats.
  • The geo-political climate is a perfect example of the progressives trying to sell the American people an illusion. As recently as last March, when the Ukraine crisis first erupted, the Obama administration laid out plans to cut our military to pre-WWII levels. Rich Lowry of National Review sarcastically wrote at the time: "Because we all know that we'll never face an unexpected, unpredictable international crisis again." Welcome to July 2014 Mr. Obama. In fact, Michael Goodwin of the NY Post summed it up this way: "This is what the world looks like when a president laments evil instead of confronting it." 
  • The border crisis also paints an ugly picture of misleading policies in the face of an agenda---comprehensive immigration policy that relies on total amnesty---that sacrifices even children to a failed ideology. Don't kid yourself. The illusion is manifested in this crisis too. As someone said earlier this month: they got the amnesty but not the enforcement.
  • The only way the progressives can continue selling this illusion is continued reliance on lies, deception and leaning on identity politics.  After all, many Americans like make-believe even at the expense of their own survival. It worked well in the last two elections. Whose to say it won't continue working? Perhaps Albert Einstein got it when he said, "Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."