Monday, July 7, 2014

The Schizophrenic Voter: Elects Politicians Who Created The Problems In The First Place

Obama's Approval Rating Down After Photos Of Him Surface Eating Big Sandwich All Alone...The Onion

  • One of the most mystifying phenomena in politics involves voters themselves. In almost every poll, Congress is held in low regard. Polls consistently show approval ratings for most politicians hovers around 7-15%. In fact, polls taken in the last several years showed Americans have higher regard for witches, zombies, roaches, the DMV and even hemorrhoids (Public Policy Polling). On the other hand, most of the data suggests they approve of their own representatives more highly than they do of Congress in general. It's an interesting paradox.
  • Voters may just simply be schizophrenic. They allow themselves to be conned by the very same people who created the problems in the first place. Perhaps nowhere was this more evident than in the last presidential election. Even with a president whose performance was poor to say the least, Mr. Obama was re-elected. Of course, he was running against a Republican, a party whose polling has also been in the toilet. Nevertheless, under this president and his administration , trickle-down incompetence has been a daily occurrence. 
  • But this schizophrenic behavior has not been specific to national politics either. For example, Chicago, a city long run by progressive democrats, had 82 people shot over this past holiday weekend with 14 of them fatalities (latest count since it's been difficult to keep up with the mayhem). Of those, five were shot by police. Even Pres. Obama's community organizing legacy from Chicago is not faring all that well.
  • And all too often, when voters vote in a politician, it's a package deal. After Pres. Obama was first elected, I often cautioned folks not to obsess about him as much as on the people he appointed.  Eric Holder comes immediately to mind. As reported by John Fund of National Review, in more than 20 cases, the Supreme Court has stopped him from infringing on our rights. As Fund pointed out correctly, Holder and Obama have argued the Americans don't have specific Constitutional rights such as free speech, the right to privacy, the right to due process or the right of religion. Fortunately, the Supreme Court thought otherwise.
  • We're watching the same phenomena play out with Hillary Clinton. If her supporters were more honest and not as misguided, they would know her previous poor performance as NY State Senator and Secretary of State should exclude her from holding any public office in the future. 
  • And while Rasmussen's latest poll (and others) agree that Obama has not been faithful to the Constitution, I often ask myself: Would Obama be re-elected if he were able to run for a third term? I believe it's a legitimate question. After all, we have a history of electing politicians who created the problems in the first place to fix those same problems. Sounds a bit nutty to me.