Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Obama Administration + Illegal Immigration Activists Are Now Complicit To Human Trafficking In Children

Barack Obama being voted the worst president in years caused smiles in two locations: GOP headquarters and Jimmy Carter's house...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • On July 30, 2013, I wrote a piece entitled, "A Legal Immigrant's Take On The Immigration Debate." In short, I emphasized the fact that a pathway to citizenship already exists. It's called legal immigration. I stressed I know it well because my family took that path many years ago. In addition, I suggested several proposals. The initial proposal was simple: Enforce the laws we currently have in place.
  • We are witnessing thousands of children of illegal immigrants being "dumped" on our borders. They are being sent to military bases now masquerading as makeshift detention centers. Children as young as 3 are being cared for at some of our bases. This action not only further burdens our military with a mission it's not designed in carrying out, but it also threatens the security of those bases.
  • Moreover, if that's not disturbing enough, two weeks ago ABC News in Arizona reported our Border Patrol agents are seeing outbreaks of scabies, chicken pox, MRSA staff infections and other contagious diseases. Texas Border Patrol Agent, Jorge Garcia, reported that the infections are not confined to detention centers either. In fact, some of his agents have already contracted scabies and he fears it will spread quickly.
  • Arizona is not isolated in the potential spread of these diseases either. Many of the children are being shipped to bases from Arizona to Texas to even Massachusetts. The NY Post reported last week that the child immigration crisis is also hitting New York State as 6,000 juvenile cases are now in NY Immigration Court. The courts normally deal with about 30 new cases a month but the numbers are now skyrocketing.
  • Just as disturbing, The Daily Beast recently reported that Mexico's cartels are among those behind this human trafficking in children. Much of the information they've gathered comes from Mexican Catholic priests who have been working tirelessly to warn children about the dangers of crossing the border. To make matters even worse, these cartel thugs are telling children to rush across the border just to get caught because they'll face better conditions in the United States. The Border Patrol Agents are being confronted with groups of 200 or more children and teenagers at a time, according to the report. Two days ago, the Border Patrol found an 11-year old Guatemalan boy dead about a mile from the Texas border. The boy, wearing "Angry Bird" jeans, had his brother's phone number in Chicago scribbled inside of his belt buckle. Unfortunately, this child will not be the last to die trying to cross the border. Many have already perished in the past. According to the Border Patrol, almost 500 died last year.
  • The cost to the American taxpayer for caring for the flood of illegal immigrant children is now approaching $1 billion, tripling in one year alone. Democrats in Congress want to add another billion to that total.
  • By the way, immigration groups also reported last week that hundreds of children from China are slipping into the United States each year.
  • We also have not seen a good response from authorities and the administration in terms of where these children will end up and with whom. You can bet your ass many of these children will end up with some potentially dangerous individuals who will exploit them. For example, Fox News in the Rio Grande is reporting Border Patrol agents are finding more "fake families." In other words, people are now pretending to be related to these children. That's a recipe for disaster.
  • It's becoming increasingly clear to me and many others that this administration refuses to enforce our immigration policies and laws. By doing so (or nothing), it also clear they are now complicit in the human trafficking of children and teenagers. Where is the morality in this?