Thursday, August 7, 2014

Don't Worry Israel, Obama Said Hamas Only Acts Extraordinarily Irresponsibly

Looking back at the lessons in Cambodia in 1979, we must recognize that Khmer Rouge acted irresponsibly...David Burge Tweet

For those too young to remember or know, the Khmer Rouge were Communist. They ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. It is estimated they murdered 2-3 million Cambodians. They used forced labor, torture and mass executions. After the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia, they found up to 20,000 in mass graves referred to as the "Killing Fields" later made famous by a film with the same name.

By any stretch of the imagination, no one in their right mind would refer to what the Khmer Rouge regime did as "irresponsible." So let's extend Mr. Obama's reasoning. Since Hamas is a terrorist organization that's no different from al-Qaeda and ISIS, perhaps they are only acting extraordinarily irresponsible too: So let's take a moment to study these "irresponsible" actions:

  • Hamas has fired over 10,000 rockets into Israel in the last nine years, 3000 rockets in the last several months alone. Their aim is to target civilians. They are fully committed to terrorism and destroying Israel. Remember, these are the murderers Nancy Pelosi called "humanitarian." (the photo above is of Hamas).
  • ISIS, a group of homicidal maniacs, commits mass executions of innocent civilians.
  • Cowardly Hamas terrorists use civilians as human shields. They've also fired their rockets into Israel from schools, hospitals, mosques and private homes.
  • ISIS is slaughtering Christians and driving them from their homes most recently from Mosul. ISIS issued an ultimatum to all Christians in Mosul to either convert to Islam, pay a tax, leave or face immediate execution.
  • In using innocent civilians as human shields and their dead, the intent of Hamas is to portray Israel as the aggressor. In fact, last week, the IDF found a copy of the Hamas handbook on urban warfare and propaganda. In it, it notes the IDF "limits their use of weapons and tactics" in areas filled with civilians and it hails the "destruction of civilian homes" to help increase the bias and hatred toward Israel. This propaganda is apparently successful with many anti-Semites in the United States and Europe where these misguided nitwits are making proclamations against Jews such as "Hitler was right" and "Back to the ovens" Do they even know, if Hitler won WWII, they would be all speaking German right now and many of their family members would have been murdered years ago?
  • In Syria, ISIS hoisted the heads of their victims on poles. They are also currently taking some Northern Iraq cities and threatening the Yazidis, an obscure religious group that's been in that area for over 2000 years.
  • Hamas fully understands urban warfare guarantees civilian casualties no matter what or how many precautions are taken.
  • I now find myself wondering whether Pres. Obama thought the attack on the WTC on 9/11 was extraordinarily irresponsible.
  • It's clear that it was Pres. Obama's statements that were irresponsible. Such rhetoric only emboldens our enemies and ensures future attacks on innocents. In other words, it sends a signal to the homicidal maniac terrorists that their tactics are working.
Sources: IDF, NY Post, The New Yorker, IBTimes, Breitbart