Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Falsehoods Wrapped In A Fable

Hillary Clinton Reveals Zero In A Non-Candid, Tell-Nothing Interview...The Onion

Well, well, well---Hillary Clinton pants suit keeps slipping in yet another embarrassing (perhaps even illegal) revelation. It's now being reported, as Secretary of State, Clinton used a private-email service out of her home. According to those reports, it was an "homebrew" service that was registered under the pseudonym "Eric Hoteham." In fact, it's also being reported this ghost, Mr. Hoteham, uses the same P.O. Box as the Clinton Foundation, a Foundation already under scrutiny for accepting foreign money while Clinton was Secretary of State. By creating this false account, it would limit access to her message archives. This takes transparency to yet another level: no transparency at all.

But other, more serious questions have to be addressed. For example, how secure was this account considering she was Secretary of State? Also, why is the ghost account using the same P.O. Box as the Clinton Foundation? Was she trying to hide information from the House Benghazi Committee as they relied on the FOIA (The Freedom of Information Act) to access information? In other words, was Clinton trying to evade federal law?

While these question and more will need to be answered, we know this about Hillary Clinton already:

  • Scandals including Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate and Monica Lewinsky have added to her already long list of dirty linen.
  • Her list of accomplishments as Senator from NY State and Secretary of State are conspicuous by their absence. 
  • Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer once wrote: "Clinton produced no diplomatic breakthroughs nor any strategic doctrine...She has no major foreign policy success." In fact, one can make the case that the U.S. is now dealing with much of the mess she left behind, particularly when it comes to Russia.
  • It was on her watch when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt during the so-called myth known as The Arab Spring.
  • It was her State Department that refused to bran Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. 
  • Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post once asked about Clinton's tenure: "Where is the record of accomplishment let alone greatness?"
  • And who can forget her telling us she and Bill were broke when they left the White House. Her current net worth is estimated to be $22M.
While she might be the perfect progressive politician---good at nothing and bad at everything---as I wrote in a post last year, I wouldn't put a fork in her yet.  Scandals don't appear to do much damage to progressive politicians. We've seen that with Charle Rangel, with the late Marion Barry (4 term D.C. Mayor) and even with her husband Bill Clinton.

Nevertheless, with these new revelations, it appears more Americans are keeping their forks handy---as they should.

Postscript: The Benghazi investigators reported there are "huge gaps" in her email trail. Also, she looked far from presidential in her presser this week. She admitted to deleting 30,000 emails even after she herself said: "I want it all out there." In addition, who has control of her private server?  Was she trying to hide information from Congress as well as the White House? Once again, another Clinton is stonewalling. And it was recently reported she had over 300 classified e-mails. The FBI is also investigating e-mails classified above top secret.