Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Toxic Ideology of Modern Progressives: Intolerant, Racist And Anti-Semitic

"If America was a house, the left would root for the termites."...Greg Gutfeld, The Five

In 1987, there was a NY county prosecutor who was falsely charged with the abduction and rape of a 15 year old black girl. While he was cleared of the charges, his life was left in ruins including his career and marriage. The abduction and rape were later proven to be a hoax.

In 1991, a Jewish man accidentally ran over a black child. The child died at the scene of the accident. Following the child's death, race riots ensued and several Jews were injured and one was murdered. The leader of the marches referred to "diamond merchants" who lived in that area of NY City. That was code for Jews.

In 1995, people living in another section of NYC protested a retail mart. The protests eventually turned violent and the store was set on fire. Seven store employees died of smoke inhalation. The leader of the protests told the crowd: "We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper {the store owner} can expand his business."

In 2006, three Duke Lacrosse players were accused of rape. This case too proved to be a hoax. In fact, the DA in the case was later disbarred for dishonesty and fraud in the case. The same man involved in the three cases above went on television to defend the accuser.

And more recently, we watched as that same man fanned the flames in Ferguson as he and the progressive media perpetuated a myth.

This same man---Al Sharpton---has his own television "news" program on MSNBC. He's also considered by many to be a leader in the black progressive movement. So much for racial and religions tolerance.

In the last 5-6 decades, we've all been witness to the damage and misery imposed by the progressive political class on many of our major urban areas including, but not limited to, Chicago, Detroit, Camden, NJ, Newark, NJ, and countless others. Just as disturbing, it's the poor and disenfranchised who have to live in the wake of these warped progressive polices.

Currently, it's on many of the nation's liberal and progressive college and university campuses where anti-semitism is raging like an out-of-control California forest fire. Jewish students are intimidated as they are bombarded by pro-Palestinian and Islamist propaganda. In 2014 alone, there were almost 100 anti-Israel events on various university campuses across the nation. So much for religious tolerance.

Not long ago, members of the Congressional Black Caucus praised Castro and Cuban policies. These are the same people, including their ideological peers, who've knelt down at the altars of Castro, Che and the late Hugo Chavez. In other words, these very same people praised a dictatorship that's been accused of systematic human rights abuses from arbitrary imprisonment of political opponents to extrajudicial executions. Che was Castro's chief executioner. He hated gays and had many imprisoned. He burned thousands of books.  In addition, the regime set limits on the press, freedom of expression, freedom of movement and assembly. Repression under this regime has been rampant. Also, blacks in Cuba know if you raise the issue of race, you can face imprisonment. Recently, members of the progressive democrats---including the Congressional Black Caucus--- in Congress boycotted Netanyahu's speech in Congress. Yet it was Jews who were major players in the fight for civil rights during the 1960's. So much for racial, gender and religious tolerance.

Less than a decade ago, Bernard Harrison wrote an expose of the rise of anti-semitism on the left {"The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism..."}. Roger Gotlieb, an self-avowed leftist, wrote this review about the book and the rise of antisemitism: "Harrison brings a precise philosopher's intelligence the vexing, frightening, and at times disgusting phenomena of left-wing anti-semitism..."

The warped ideology of progressives is not only conspicuous but all too often, it's appreciated and even applauded in many circles of American society and culture. And that is very disturbing as well as very dangerous.