Thursday, March 10, 2016

Obama Signals His Contempt For The Reagan Legacy

President Obama Will Not Be Attending Nancy Reagan's Funeral. An Excuse Will Be Created By WH Staff For Release Later Today...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

It was just three weeks ago when Mr. Obama decided not to attend the late Anthony Scalia's funeral, a Supreme Court Justice.  This week the WH announced Obama will not be attending Nancy Reagan's funeral  either (the First Lady will attend). Instead, he will be the keynote speaker at a technology festival about emerging digital technologies.

As in the decision regarding Scalia, this decision is a disgrace. It's dishonorable.  It's disrespectful. And just as unnerving, it's an insult to a great president's legacy.

Mr. Obama also failed to attend the funeral of former First Lady, Betty Ford.

There was no justification for a sitting president to skip the funeral of a Supreme Court Judge. There is also no justification for this latest sight.