Sunday, March 13, 2016

In This Political Era, It's Time To Stand Up For America & The Constitution

Hillary's New Slogan:
"If you liked Obama's incompetence, you'll love Hillary."...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

If I were a Trump supporter, I'd be angry too. (I prefer Ted Cruz, a genuine conservative. But that's for a future posting. But know this, my mission---the mission of every rational American--- should be to stop Hillary Clinton).

We already know that the Republican establishment is trying to stop Trump from getting the nomination,  And it shouldn't surprise anyone considering the Republican elite has always pushed back against the will of the people.  They never appear to focus on the real target. One of the other main reasons there is so much anger in America today can be directly attributed to the failed policies of the Obama administration.

So, in addition to the outrage we're witnessing against Trump, let's take a closer look at where this anger should be directed:
  • In 2010, when speaking to Latinos, Obama told Latinos to "punish our enemies." But it's Trump who proclaims violence.
  • Obama declared ISIS a JV team. But it's Trump who makes horrendous statements.
  • It was Obama who claimed the "Iran Deal" would make the globe a safer place. But it's Trump who makes stupid assertions.
  • In 2008, it was Obama who told his supporters to argue with their neighbors and "get in their faces." But it's Trump who makes outrageous statements.
  • It was Obama who said those living in the fly-over states cling to their guns and religion. But it's Trump who makes disgraceful comments.
  • It was Obama---in his first State of the Union---who made  shameless statements against the entire Supreme Court. But it's Trump who makes rude statements.
  • It was Obama who skipped the funerals of Scalia and Nancy Reagan. But it's Trump who behaves disgracefully.
And regarding the violent protest in Chicago this past Friday against Trump speaking, make no mistake---those were radical progressives supported and financed by radical groups. They always appear like roaches crawling out of their hiding places. And it was disappointing to listen to some of the other Republican candidates who appeared to take the side of those nitwits when it was Trump and his supporters who were the victims---victims because their Constitutional right of free speech was infringed.

The only loser in the last eight years has been America. And it's time to stand up for this great nation and The Constitution,