Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Benghazi Report Proves There Isn't Enough Lipstick To Put On This Pig

POTUS is tired of politicians using 4 American deaths in Benghazi for political points, which is why he used the deaths of 50 in Orlando...Josh Earnst Tweet Parody Account

"But when it comes to radical Islam and the Obama administration, truth is always the first casualty. Hillary is hoping her presidential bid isn't its last."

That's from a piece by John Podhoretz today. He clearly illustrates  how deceit and lies permeate the entire Obama administration.  And it should surprise no one that Hillary Clinton was able to fit into that toxic mold so easily. During her entire political career, her first impulse has been to reach for a lie.  We've witnessed this with her lame defense of Bubba's extra-marital affairs to the Benghazi clusterf#ck to her email and private server scandal (now being criminally investigated by the FBI) just to name of few of many.

As I pointed out in previous posts, including yesterday, after the attack on the Benghazi consulate, the "spontaneous reaction to an internet video" lie was born.  Once again showing her first instinct---compulsion---is to ALWYAS lie to the American people.  Keep in mind. She peddled lies to us publicly while informing her own daughter and foreign ambassadors the truth privately within hours of the attack.

Her lies mean nothing to her base and her enablers in the media. They don't care. They know she's a pathological liar but she's a progressive democrat. And most progressives get a pass (how else can one explain her nomination by democrats?).  For example, yesterday The New York Times actually published this headline: "2-Year Panel On Benghazi Ends. Finding No New Fault By Clinton."  Interesting spin considering the headline insinuates and suggests there were previous lies. Dummies!  But they still tried to aid Clinton and the Obama administration in its cover-up.

I have no idea what the outcome will be when it comes to the election. Anyone else with her baggage would not have reached this deep into any other presidential campaign. But I do know this:  No amount of lipstick is enough to cover up the dishonesty, dirty dealing and corruption on this pig.