Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton + The Other Islamist Apologists Take Your Empathy + Stick It Up Your Asses

Pres. Obama will bravely set an anti-gun example and will spend his remaining term without being protected by concealed legal guns...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

"We're victims of our fear of offending Muslims."  That's a byline for a piece in The NY Post today by Kyle Smith. And in a nutshell, it describes perfectly the warped ideology of Islamist apologists as Obama and Clinton have repeatedly exhibited in the past.

Obama's tenure is quickly and thankfully coming to an end. But that still leaves us with Hillary Clinton and her ilk.  And even though Clinton finally defined the enemy yesterday as "radical Islamism" (a tad late Hillary), her speech was typical PC political nonsense.  She, like Obama, still want to restrict our Second Amendment rights. (Memo to both apologists: In the past, Islamists have used knives (Paris just yesterday), pressure cookers (Boston), shoes and underwear (Shoe Bomber and Times Square) and even box cutters (9/11)).

At least Trump didn't hold anything back and voiced some of the beliefs and opinions permeating the American psyche today.  In addition, he reminded us again radical Islam is anti-women, anti-gay and anti-American.  If elected, he pledged to defend America.  We didn't hear that from Hillary Clinton. Instead, her first inclination was to shove The Constitution aside---again.

I'll leave you with this from one of my favorite columnist: "The dead are dead through violence carried out by radical Islam. That is the central truth, and until American leaders admit it and act on it, the slaughters will continue."  Michael Goodwin.