Friday, July 22, 2016

Next Up! DNC Convention: A Progressive/Socialist Nirvana

Hillary will not decide who her VP pick will be until after all the unmarked envelopes filled with cash are collected...WH Press Secretary Tweet (parody)

With the RNC Convention over (by the way, how about all that violence with open-carry gun owners in Cleveland?), it's time to move on to Philadelphia.  Philadelphia--- designated a sanctuary city by the new progressive mayor.  This mayor happens to be the knucklehead who proclaimed the last Philadelphia cop shot several times (he survived) by a scumbag yelling an Islamist slogan was not an Islamist attack.

So what can we expect from the Democrats?  I predict some, if not all, of the following:

  • Che T shirts will be a hot item. They are going to love the Obama and Hillary bobble heads.
  • Independence Hall will be renamed "Dependence Hall" for the duration of the convention.
  • Their candidate will talk about economic inequality as she  continues to count the millions she and Bill accumulated from their speeches.  She'll also attack banks and Wall Street--the same institutions she charged $350k a pop for speeches.
  • Police will be called racist as they spout false data regarding police shootings.
  • The Constitution Center will be closed for 4 days.
  • More benefits will be recommended for illegal immigrants as American citizens will be thrown to the curb again.
  • Free Tuition for all!!!  But they won't explain how to pay for it (hint: American taxpayers).
  • Guns will be bad. But trucks, bombs, knives, box cutters will still get a pass.
  • There will be no anti-war protesters. After all, Obama is still president.
  • The American flag in the Betsy Ross House will be replaced with flags from Cuba, Venezuela and other failed socialist regimes.
  • God?---who?
  • Entitlements will be referred to as "rights."
  • There will be little mention of the JV Team. 
  • Obamacare will be hailed as a great accomplishment even as Humana just announced it is planning on leaving 8 of the 19 health exchanges it now operates. Oh! Health insurance rates rose by about 8%---higher than in previous years.
  • The presstitutes in the media will all be feeling a tingling down their legs.
  • Elizabeth Warren will still be using smoke signals rather than social media.
  • Hillary Clinton will not talk much about Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Iran, N. Korea, Russia and ISIS.  I think we know why.
  • We will be told Republicans and conservatives hate children, old folks, blacks and most are Islamophobia.
  • Hillary Clinton will suddenly love the military. After all, she said she wanted to join the Marines.
  • Civil rights will be hailed unless you're an American citizen, conservative, straight, a gun owner and a person of faith.
  • We will be told education is in need of more "investment." (that's code for more taxpayer money). This even though trillions have been "invested" in education in the last 40 years.
  • Bill Clinton will be present for some of the convention. After all, the 1% are busy folks and there's a Hooters in Philadelphia.
  • Hollywood will be well represented.
  • Bernie?---he's still feeling the Bern and the pain.
  • And they will try to convince America Harry Reid is not the most miserable prick in the Senate.
America!!! What a country!!!

Postscript: And now, WikiLeaks---delicious!