Monday, July 11, 2016

Progressive Agitators Don't Want Issues + Problems To Be Resolved

GOP rally erupts in violence by leftists: Blame the GOP.
BLM erupts in violence by BLM: Blame everyone else....Razor's Tweet

Let's be clear. Progressive agitators don't want issues and problems to be resolved.  If they did, they would have diverted their attention to the killing and murder of blacks by other blacks as we witness in Chicago almost every two hours each weekend.  Their ideology is so twisted, so distorted, so vile even the murder of five Dallas police officers didn't deter these dangerous misfits from causing more violence this past weekend.  As I've written about in the past, their ideology is based on perpetuating false narratives---a political agenda that is also exceedingly dangerous.

The democrats, especially Obama and Hillary Clinton reinforce this behavior with their inflammatory and all too often, deceitful rhetoric. For example, after the Dallas police chief (a damn good cop) laid out the motives used by the Dallas shooter himself (e.g. his hatred to white cops and white people in general),  Pres. Obama actually said this from Warsaw: "It's very hard to untangle the Dallas shooter's motive..."  In addition, as in the Martin and Brown cases, Obama and others claimed racism was a reason when there was no evidence in either case.

Just as disturbing,  the Black Lives Matter crowd always appears to be in the center of this agitation. Yet, these are the very same people Obama has invited to the White House for discussions about race. Hillary Clinton also met with their ringleaders. These are people who should be shunned by society but our progressive leadership meets with them.  In other words, progressives regularly embrace false narratives by race-baiting thugs.  We've seen that play out in NYC and Mayor De Blasio's  affection for Al Sharpton and his ilk.

It's become more clear over just the past year or more,  BLM spews file rhetoric and are race-baiting bullies. They often even refuse to acknowledge that All Lives Matter (yes, including their own). These are the same folks who regularly chant: "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon."  And then we wonder why police officers are ambushed and murdered including two NYPD officers immediately following the riots in Ferguson.

Last year I noted that Martin Luther King, Jr., would have many reasons to smile and many to cry.  These BLM misguided bullies and knuckleheads would give MLK many reasons to cry.

But, the again, they don't care. They don't want any of these race problems solved anyway even as more blacks keep killing each other at alarming rates.