Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lady Ga Ga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry & Madonna; Are We At War With Iran?' Regarding that 8.6% Unemployment Number; But Jobs Were Created; Boehner Where The F__K Are You Bro?, Newt vs Mitt: Republican Elite Steps Up; Fast & Furious Scandal Continues To Unfold; Woodward Said Al Gore Is Unpleasant

The good news is the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6%. The bad news is most of those {jobs} require a sack, a white beard and red suit.---Leno

  • If you have any interest whatsoever, the celebrities referenced above were the most Googled in 2011. Now, let's move on.
  • Are we at war with Iran? Many foreign publications are now asking that question. Iran claims to have shot down a U.S. drone and there was an explosion outside the British embassy in Bahrain. Many international observers believe we may actually be in a covert war against Iran right now.  This should not surprise anyone. The West cannot allow these crazy ass bastards to get a full-blown nuke program going. The UK Telegraph is reporting Iran's Revolutionary Guards are preparing for war. Foreign papers have also reported there have been mysterious blasts at government and military bases in Iran suggesting a covert war by the West has begun (LA Times).
  • Last week, I wrote the 8.6% unemployment number looked like a mirage to me. Well, it appears even the NY Times agrees. They wrote, "Most of the decline in November's unemployment rate was not because jobless people found new work. Rather it is because 315,000 people dropped out of the workforce." In other words, these workers were not counted as unemployed because, according to the Labor Department, THEY NO LONGER EXIST.  It's that simple.
  • Having said this, it's important to be a tad balanced. Remember that August jobs numbers---0, Zero, Nada, no jobs created.? Well, it was wrong. The Department of Labor reported last week that over 100,000 jobs were created that month. Apparently, they made a widdle mistake.
  • I have a question: Where the f>ck is John Boehner, the House Speaker? I've not seen him in months. Has anyone seen this man?

  • Know this, it's not only the democrats who are and will be hammering Newt, it's also the elite of the Republican establishment.  Recently, George Will questioned Newt's "wisdom." John Podhoretz wrote that Newt would make a great target for Pres. Obama. In addition, hypocrisy raises its ugly head again. Dems are targeting Newt's previous ethics violations. This from a party whose core values includes violating ethics. Republicans and Democrats have a history of ethics violations, but Democrats raise it to an art form. I'll leave you with one name that makes my point: Charlie Rangel.

  • My take on this is this.  I sincerely believe any one of the Republicans running would do a better job than Pres. Obama. But I also believe Romney would do much better than Newt in the general election. While it's true Romney just does not have that "Wow" factor, the reality is he would be an attractive candidate to moderates and independents---those needed to win.  The primaries, in my opinion, rely to heavily on emotion when it comes to choosing candidates. By the time voters get to the general, their head takes over. And if you want evidence how bad it is when voters choose someone with their heart rather than their head, you don't have to look further than who is sitting in the Oval Office today.

    • For the "Dumbass Quote of the Week," Chris Mathews fits the bill. He said about the Republican Party.:"How did the party of Lincoln descend into a diabolic clown show?" I don't know Chris, but how did the Democrat Party descend into a group of collective lunatics? I think that's a better question. Remember it's the Dems who chose as their leader that paragon of sheer idiocy, Nancy Pelosi.

    • Many months ago, I and many others said watch this Fast And Furious scandal unfold (this was a botched weapons-tracking program operated by ATF that allowed over 2,000 weapons to be sold to Mexican drug cartel agents. There was a small problem. The ATF lost track of the weapons and the weapons started showing  up at crime scenes. In fact, one border patrol agent was murdered by one of those weapons). There were (and continue to be) many questions that need to be answered by Eric Holder, Attorney General, and the administration. To date, they've been stonewalling. But it appears those stones are crumbling as more documents keep emerging. By the way, the Bush Administration had a similar program. But there was one big difference: the gun tracking program was under tight surveillance unlike Fast and Furious. We can only hope this scandal puts a fork into Holder's career and legacy. He's been an embarrassment for too many years (LA Times and NY Post).
    • The Hill reports that Bob Woodward, famed Washington Post journalist, told an audience recently that "sitting next to Gore is taxing...In fact, it's unpleasant." I would have added Gore's also a fake, phony and fraud.