Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Remembered; But Not At Sidwell Friends School; Hollywood Leaving Obama? Say It Ain't So, Slo Joe; Left Only Champions Liberal African-Americans; That's A Lot of Penis Pumps; Newt Continues His Surge; World Wide Depression? Occupy Not Done Yet; Chris Mathews' Brother Busted

Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941:

Pearl Harbor Today:

Today, we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor. I agree with the author of "Pearl Harbor," Steven M. Gillon,  when he said recently, "Because of 9/11, all of a sudden, Pearl Harbor is more immediate, more tangible, more relevant." Please visit my Dedicated to Heroes blog today devoted entirely to honoring the heroes at Pearl and the survivors  And please share it with others.

The News Still Goes On and So Must We:

Wilmetter, IL. --"Super cool babysitter Liz Levy let the kids stay up late and drink."---from The Onion's National News Highlights.
  • How appropriate! On this day of remembrance--a day that went down in infamy--WUSA out of D.C. is reporting that the school the president's children currently attend, Sidwell Friends School, is having  Asian food for lunch. They claim it's just a coincidence. Yes, the school actually proclaimed today as Asian Food Day. I swear I think I'm living on another planet some days.
  • Well, it appears even Hollywood has given up on Pres. Obama or at least that's what's being reported. UK's Independent (why do foreign papers always carry this good stuff?) is reporting much of the Hollywood liberal elite is extremely disappointed in Obama. Norman Lear said, "He {Obama} can't make up his mind about anything." Robert Redford is disappointed with the president's lack of energy policies. Jon Stewart said, "I thought he would do a better job." And Jane Lynch of Glee and a gay activist added, "He's a big disappointment to me." Having said all of this: where do they go instead? They really have no one right now. I'm sure many hope Hillary still might jump into the pool even if she keeps her pantsuit on.
  • Christian Fawcett's letter to the NY Post editor today regarding Herman Cain, "...The left doesn't champion African-Americans, it only champions liberal African Americans." So in paraphrasing Maxine Waters regarding her statements about the Tea Party,; for the Left, conservative African-Americans can go to hell.
  • Investment Watch is reporting today that Medicare has spent over a 1/4  billion dollars of taxpayers money on penis pumps. And it's relatively easy to get one. I guess I have to stop using my bicycle pump.
  • I'm not always surprised when I'm wrong since I can have long stretches of being wrong, but I can't believe I blew this call on Gingrich by so much. Gallup is reporting today that Newt is leading Romney 37% to 22%. That's significant. Only time will tell if Newt can hold on to this lead considering he manages to put his foot in his mouth often. And the big money is still behind Romney. But the data also shows Newt does better among Conservative Republicans and Tea Party supporters. I guess the "Family Values" ticket has been torn up. But this one still mystifies me.
  • I wonder how many people are actually aware that we COULD be in store for a world-wide depression if Europe does not get its act together. As one commentator noted this week,  all the European leaders keep doing is having meetings to agree on having more meetings. How bad is it? Take Spain. They currently have an unemployment rate of 22%. Let's just pray these predictions are wrong.
  • Yes, Occupy is still around. Now, some are moving into foreclosed homes according to a report in USA Today. I have to admit one thing; they create great slogans. In this case, "Predatory Lenders! Criminal Offenders!," kinda has a nice ring to it. But many people---not only the banks--- are angry at the Occupiers for occupying the foreclosed homes. Critics are saying they should allow homeless people to squat in the homes instead of the urine and cootie  infested Occupiers.
  • After all of this, there is good news. Chris Mathews' brother, a local country commissioner outside of Philadelphia, has been charged with lying to a grand jury investigation about political corruption. God, there is Karma in this world after all.