Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alec Baldwin: Still An Infant; What's Our Exposure in Europe's Meltdown?; Blagojevich: Is Anyone Surprised?; Good News: Mumia Will Certainly Now Die In Prison; Guess Who Benefited From MF Global? 900,000 Have Fled The Democrat Party Since 2008

Regular readers know I like to start my piece with some type of humor. Today, I'm merely going to leave you with this photo considering he put his foot in his mouth yet again:

  • Baldwin's problem is not difficult to diagnose: he's infantile. But, knowing how Hollywood operates, this could have been all set up to get him more publicity. Who knows? Nothing should surprise anyone when it comes to celebrities trying to get more print.
  • On the heels of Pearl Harbor remembrance yesterday, I forgot to report on a historic dumbass statement made by non other than Charles Lindbergh (he was a big anti-war isolationist and national hero). The nation had been assured by Lindbergh prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor when he said, "The Japanese had such bad eyesight that they could not fly aircraft effectively."
  • Good news on the weekly jobs claims. Last week, ONLY 381,000 people filed for unemployment. That's a 9-month low.
  • But investors will need to watch what is going on in Europe this week. Brussels is hosting a European Economic Summit and all eyes are on Germany. Ironically, Germany is being called to save Europe while just 70 years ago, they wanted to occupy all of it. The question I have (and I've been having a really hard time trying to find an answer) is what is our exposure over there? Since this is a global economy, would we suffer any collateral damage if the Euros can't solve this problem? If my understanding is correct, we still have some safe assets like U.S. Treasuries where investors could find a safe haven. I've really been nervous about Europe's problems and their impact upon us.

  • Another classic NY Post headline regarding former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich receiving a 14 year sentence for corruption: "Blago Is Blagone." By the way, was anyone really surprised?
  • While I'm on the subject of felons, there was more half-good news yesterday. That stinking cop killer, Mumia Abu Jamal, will rot in prison for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he won't get the death penalty. And just a reminder who this thug shot between the eyes:

  • And speaking of felons, doesn't anyone find it interesting that the Obama administration--on record for stronger gun control measures--let loose over 2000 weapons to Mexican drug cartels? Hey, just askin'. Even more disturbing, but predictable, that dick AG Eric Holder suggested Fast and Furious guns will be used in crimes for years to come. The damage this incompetent prick has done to the country is beyond the pale. Now put him and Pres. Obama together and you see why we're in so much trouble.
  • Before I leave this "felon" thread---god dam, it's long today---you might have missed this little gem of a story that appeared in the NY Post earlier this week. Former Pres. Clinton and British ex-PM Tony Blair both sat on the advisory board of Teneo Holdings, which was paid to do consulting work for guess whom? None other than MF Global, Corzine's company. And the Washington Post is reporting today that Corzine said he has no idea where the customers' money went (he said the same thing about New Jersey's money when he was Gov. Stinking phony). And to think the Obama administration wanted him to replace the other fake, phony and fraud, Timmy Geithner, as Treasury Secretary. Folks, most of them are crooks, and America knows it. The problem is we just have to many people stuck on stupid in this country.
  • Maybe then it should be no surprise that almost 900,000 voters in key battleground states have abandoned the democrat party since 2008 as reported by The Third Way. They are seeing an increase in independents.
  • On the terrorism front (have you noticed there has not been much news about terrorism lately?), The Congressional Research Service identified 54 home-grown terrorist plots and attacks since 9/11. Thirty-three of those were targeting our military. Congressional sources indicate there is some concern that terrorists are trying to infiltrate our own military.
  • And in keeping with the stupids, The Onion had a great piece today with the headline: "In Major Gaffe, Obama Forgets To Dumb It Down." A short piece from the article: "...President Barack Obama neglected Tuesday to simplify a statement to the point where it could readily be grasped by anyone with the vocabulary of an 8-year-old..."