Friday, December 9, 2011

Virginia Tech: Why Colleges Are Not Safe; Newt: Inspiring & Disturbing; Our Net Worth Shrank; Newsmax Debate: Why Have It?; Jag Off Alert; GM Laying Off Workers; Go Steelers!!!

The Onion asked the question many people are asking regarding Mitt Romney's flip-flops: Who is Romney Today? Some of their observations:

  • In 1998 Romney said he'd been married to his wife for 29 years, but in a speech just this week, he claimed it's been 42 years.
  • Said he didn't like eggs but then turned right around and ate half a quiche.
  • Has made repeated claims on the campaign trail that he is the anti-Romney.
  • Has been known to tan on one side of his body for a while, then completely turn over and let his other side face the sun.
  • During the 2008 primaries, he leveled repeated attacks against Sen. McCain. This year, he has been almost completely silent on McCain.
Now to the rest of the news:

  • Regarding this second shooting at Virginia Tech, it should not surprise anyone. Security at most colleges and universities is conspicuous by its absence. I doubt if there is a school anywhere in America where one cannot just walk on campus freely (I happen to like to walk around campuses if I'm in the vicinity of one. I like that entire atmosphere.  I've never been asked by any security personnel to show an ID or anything. And I've walked on many, many campuses in my life). I understand it would be difficult to secure most campuses, because they are open. But someone has to come up with an idea to make those campuses more secure. This day and age demands it especially in the age of terrorism. On the other hand, if it's a student, faculty member or administrator that goes berserk, then that's another set of security concerns.
  • "Gingrich is Inspiring---and Disturbing." Those are not my words (although I agree with them). That's the headline to a piece in the Wall Street Journal by Peggy Noonan. She wrote, "Ethically Dubious? True. Intelligent and accomplished? True...Can he lead? Yes. Is he erratic and unreliable as a leader? Yes....He's a human hand grenade who walks around with his hand on the pin, saying, 'Watch This!'" So the question remains for many Americans: Does this guy have what it takes to win the "general" election? I say no, but I was wrong about him in the past.
  • By the way, since Herman dropped out of the race, where are all these women anyway?
  • "Recession Is Over News:" According to the U.S. Treasury this week, the net worth of American households fell by almost $22 grand in just the last three years. Stock portfolios also dropped 5.2% in the third quarter and home prices slipped 0.6% in the same period.
  • Know this, when Pres. Obama talks about everyone paying their "fair share," he means raising taxes on the rich, more government spending and more regulations. If you're okay with that, then he's your guy. If you're not, don't vote for him (remember, "rich" to these people is anyone making over $200-250k a year, not millionaires as they would want us to believe).
  • A question I have for all those folks who want taxes raised on the rich. Why, when we all know the government wastes billions of dollars a year? The waste in Medicare alone is at least $50 billion a year (Business Insider). And, with the exception of the military and most federal law enforcement agencies, what does the federal government run well? The Post Office is a mess. ObamaCare appears to be a mess. The only other thing they manage to do well is collect our taxes. But then they turn around and mismanage that money.
  • I'd love to know who the genius is at Newsmax who thought having a debate chaired by Trump was a good idea? They number of candidates dropping out of this debate begs this question: why have it?
  • I might start a new alert and call it "The Jag Off Alert." I got the idea from what happened with Seth Andrews, a spokesperson for NY City's Office of Emergency Management. He was involved in a car accident, and was arrested for being "allegedly" loaded. When the police cuffed him, he "allegedly" said to the arresting cops, "I'm going to choke you, just watch out. You're done...You just watch your gun." Seth, you're a jag off.
  • The Detroit News is reporting, "General Motors has quietly begun laying off white-collar workers..." Operative word in this sentence is: "quietly." Could it be because the administration had to bail them out in 2009? Or is it because the Volt is a complete flop? The company did make a 3rd quarter profit.
  • We keep dumping billions into education and yet we read a story like this almost daily: "80% of PS 19 Kids Are Subpar Readers" in the NY Post today.

  • In the running for one of the dumbass statements of the year has to be Slo Joe Biden when he said of Jon Corzine two years ago, "the smartest guy I know in terms of the economy." Well, Slo Joe did say that after accepting $500 grand in bundled campaign contributions from Corzine.
  • Anyone know how the summit is going in Brussels today? If you're an investor, keep your eyes on what they finally decide to do today.