Monday, February 6, 2012

Giants Get Parade, But Not Our Troops; In Cuba: No Soup For You!; Obama Leans on Jesus; Obama's Holy War Against The Catholic Church; Occupy On Life Support

As you know, Romney was ensorsed by Donald Trump. You know what that means ladies and gentlemen, nothing. Paraphrasing Letterman

  • At the risk of being a party-pooper, I'm going to be one anyway. First, congratulations to the NY Giants. Great game. But this is what burns me up and it's not the fault of the Giants. They win the Super Bowl and they will have a parade in their honor in lower Manhattan tomorrow. Our military wins the war in Iraq and what does New York City do?---nothing, nada, nic, zero, zilch... In fact, Mayor Bloomberg of NY City keeps using the same lame excuse that Pentagon leadership is opposed to a parade. But Pentagon public affairs spokesperson, Douglas Wilson, said the Pentagon is not opposed to a parade in Manhattan.(USA TODAY). In addition to parades for sports teams, New York has annual  ethnic pride parades, parades for the Yankees after World Series wins, a gay pride parade and more. But a parade for our troops? Don't have time.

  • There is good news coming out of other cities regarding honoring our returning Iraq War Vets. Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, San Antonio and several other cities have approached the same group that got the St. Louis parade off the ground last week.(AP).

  • Can someone please tell me why Che is so glorified? Why do I have to see the picture of this murdering thug on tee shirts? Why do book stores continue to publicize his book? (I don't want his book banned, but why keep mythologizing this thug?). And have you noticed on the Left in this country, like Michael Moore as one example, just can't stop praising Castro and his regime? Hey, for those "stupids" out there. The average annual salary for Cubans is less than $300 a year. In 2005, Castro announced salary increases for many workers. For example, workers with masters got a bump of a whopping $4 a month. If you were a doctor, you were lucky. Your salary was bumped $7 more a month (BBC). In addition, food is rationed in Cuba. And what you buy in food has to last you about 2 weeks or your out of luck. NO SOUP FOR YOU! And one more thing. It's not that they like our old 1950's Chevy's and Fords, it's just that they can't purchase any new cars. That's why the entire country looks like an American antique car show or you see images like the one above.

  • President Obama just can't keep politics out of anything. Last week when he was giving his speech about faith, in order to show why the rich should be paying more in taxes, he said, "It coincides with Jesus' teaching that for unto whom much is given, much shall be required." Tell that to Slo Joe Biden and that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud John F. Kerry. Oh, yes, Warren Buffett might also want to take that advice since he owes millions in back taxes.
  • Whatever your beliefs are about religion is your business. But as even USA TODAY pointed out regarding the birth control mandate placed on Catholic institutions by the Obama administration, "few Americans of any political stripe would disagree with the simple proposition that the government should stay away from meddling in church affairs...It should never try to force a religiously affiliated institution to violate a central tenet of its faith." But that's exactly what the Obama administration is trying to do. The Catholic Church will be required by law to provide and pay for insurance coverage that includes contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization procedures. This type of mandate has never been done before in the history of this Republic. And if they don't abide by this law, they could face millions of dollars in fines. So as one commentator said last week, the Catholic Church was told by the Obama administration, they cannot be Catholic anymore. And folks, the only reason this ruling came down can be spelled out in one word: ideology. Expect a holy war over this issue. In addition, in 2008, 54% of Catholics voted for Obama (dummies). Hopefully they won't be that stupid this time around.

  • Political cartoon in the NY Post today shows Obama on three screens. In the first one, he says, "Our country suffers from a huge divide between the haves and the have-nots!" In the second screen, he says, "I have a plan to eradicate that divide." The third screen ends with, "I'm making us all have-nots."

  • USA TODAY is reporting the Occupy movement is at a "crossroads." In short, they've been moved out of almost every one of their encampments. Terry Madonna, a political scientist, said the movement is on life-support. He said they have no leadership, no agenda and no place to hang out anymore. So tell me: who didn't see this coming?
  • And just one more comment on the Super Bowl. Giants,  you played a great game, but know this: you still need 3 more Super Bowl wins to overtake these guys.