Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pres. Obama Loses Democratic Primary in...; Super Dudsday; Tricare Hit Hard in President's Budget; Dennis is History; Highest Murder Rate in The World...?; Did Obama Back-Track On Iran Again?; Putin's Thugs Continue Their Rampage Against Protesters; Humongous Solar Eruption Heading Our Way; So Who Will Get Peyton Manning?

Headline in The Onion's "National News" section with a photo of a young couple smiling broadly: "Cute Couple On Same Antidepressant."

  • I know. I know. You wondering and you might just be asking yourself: What the heck is up with that headline? Obama loses Democratic Primary in...? I thought it was all about the Republicans last night? It was, but here's the rest of the story. Obama did Oklahoma's Democratic Primary last night. He lost 15 counties in the state. He won just 57% of the vote. But before Republicans start popping those corks, they need to know that the president failed to win a single country in Oklahoma in 2008. AP

  • Now, let's check out Super Tuesday (I prefer to call it, Super Dudsday). First of all, Romney won ugly. For a guy who outspent Santorum 6-1 in Ohio and to barely win shows Romney is still weak.  But a win is a win to use an overused and silly phrase. On the other hand, Santorum appears to have locked up his status as the main challenger to Romney by winning Tennessee so decisively (37%28% as of last night). Santorum keeps collecting the strong conservative votes. And guess what primaries are coming up next week? Some of the strongest conservative states in America that include Alabama, Mississippi and Kansas. Romney continues to have problems in the South. That's the only region in the country where Newt has some strength.
  • There is one strong piece of data that should put a smile on Romney's face. He's ahead 2-1 among those Republicans who think he's the most electable and can beat Obama. So he appears to be the favorite at this point in time. However, he's been losing the independent voters in the last month or more. In addition, according to Gallup, Romney's favorable-unfavorable ratings are 45-46%, not that good (but a smile should return to his face when he sees the president's polling in that same category are no great shakes either---50-45%---and the president's approval rating is back down to 43% from just 50% two weeks ago).
  • There was some other good news coming out of Ohio: Dennis Kucinich lost his race to Marcy Kaptur. But I checked out her bio. It might not be such a good trade after all. She served as Jimmy Carter's domestic policy advisor. However, I might be willing to give her a pass. She's the congressperson who introduced legislation to create the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. But since I no longer reside in Ohio, the good people of that state will have to decide if she's a good representative.

  • Did you know the Obama administration plans on hiking Tricare premiums by as much as 70% over the next year? In other words, retired military can expect the premium of about $460 bucks a year jump six times that amount? The administration is doing to the military what it wants to do to us: push everyone into ObamaCare. In other words, to this administration, a wounded combat veteran will just be another patient on line with a number awaiting care. Fortunately, most veteran organizations are not taking this lying down. Let's pray this plan does not get off the ground (Oh, one more thing. unionized civilian defense employees are exempt. Thought you might like to know). Army Times and American Enterprise Institute.

  • Intermission for Trivia: Did you know Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world at 82 homicides per 100,000? It's followed by El Salvador, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Venezuela (so much for that Commie Chavez doing a good job), Belize and Guatemala. Yes, you see the pattern. Most are in Central America and Africa. How bad is Honduras? It's more dangerous living there than in Afghanistan and Iraq and some parts of Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago, LA and Youngstown, Ohio. (Philadelphia had almost as many homicides in 8 years as the number of casualties we had in Iraq during the same

  • Earlier this week, it appeared Pres. Obama would be a staunch backer of Israel (he's not been for the first three years of his administration). He said the right things to Netanyahu. But his position appeared to change in his news conference subsequent to his meetings with Ben. He appeared to give Iran the benefit of the doubt.  Whereas, Netanyahu made it clear: "I will not let my people live in the shadow of annihilation."
  • Have you noticed an interesting, but not surprising, phenomena in the media. They keep bring up the contraception issue as one of "rights," yet, they rarely actually write or speak about what the First Amendment really means?  I believe the administration's posture on this issue has awaken a sleeping giant---the silent majority.
  • Putin's thugs continue their rampage against protesters in Russia. It took all but 5 minutes after he won his election to become the stinking dictator he really is.
  • So who is likely to get Peyton Manning? The list includes: Redskins, Dolphins, Cardinals, Jets, Seahawks, 49ERS, Browns, Chiefs, Broncos or Bucks.

  • Be prepared. Scientists are reporting the sun is sending us a massive burst of magnetic energy because of a humongous solar eruption. Could disrupt things like your GPS, power grids and more. Suppose to strike us tomorrow---Thursday---at 7 a.m. AP