Friday, March 9, 2012

Now Eric Holder Sics The FBI on the the NYPD; Gallup: Half Of Americans View Obama's Tenure As A Failure; Was Fluke Really A Fluke?; GOP Enthusiam Gap?

From the Onion: "Exhausted Sweatshop Worker Just Has To Laugh After Sewing Fingers Together."  From Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Garment worker Nghiem Phuong said, after working her third straight 17 hour shift, she "couldn't help but laugh" after sewing her index and ring fingers together. She added, "Well, I guess it's just one of those days."

    • If it was not bad enough that the media---especially the AP and Huffington Post rags---and other dimwits attacked the NYPD for keeping a close eye on mosques, Muslim hangouts and schools, now Eric Holder unleashed the FBI in criticizing the NYPD for the effective efforts in keeping all of us safe from another terrorist attack. This is my theory. Holder continues to be taken to task for the Fast and Furious fiasco (the screw up of sending hundreds of weapons to Mexican drug gangs that also resulted in the murder of an American law enforcement officer). He and Obama need another diversion---just like the fake, phony and fraud---contraception issue that so many fell for hook, line and sinker---including Santorum (fortunately not the Catholic Church and other religious institutions). And remember: The FBI missed the entire 9/11 conspiracy from its origin until the aircraft slammed into the towers. Since 9/11, the NYPD has foiled at least 12 terror plots and probably more we will never hear about. So if I were Ray Kelly---NYPD head honcho---I'd tell Holder to shove it. What we're doing is working.

    • I wish I could tell you the following piece and headline came from The Onion, but I can't. To give you some idea how the media is circling the wagons around Pres. Obama (in addition to hailing the sh!tty unemployment numbers---my piece below), here's a headline on Politico yesterday: "Obama As Progressive Pragmatist." Ready to barf yet?

    • In the "Can You Believe This Sh!t?" File: Gallup is reporting that half of Americans consider the president's tenure as president a total failure. But, in what Gallup calls a "grave development," more than half of independents believe the same thing.

    • Unemployment remained steady at 8.3% and the media and Democrats are literally going apesh!t, as if all our economic problems have been solved. It's truly breathtaking to watch. When W's unemployment numbers reached 5%, they couldn't wait to declare a recession had started. Don't believe these numbers either. They are still not reporting how many jobs have been lost (FYI, we have almost 6 million few jobs now than we did before the recession started---CNBC). And the feds make seasonal adjustments. Gallup, on the other hand, does not. They reported an actual unemployment rate of 9.1%.
    • By the way, a report came out today on the $885 million Washington, D.C., the city, got in stimulus funds. There's only one teeny, weenie problem: they have no idea how the money was spent. They can't say how many jobs they created with all the dough. In fact, the City still has one of the largest unemployment rates in the nation. Washington Times
    • It's being reported today that Pres. Obama called Putin and congratulated that thug for winning his fraudulent election in Russia (it's beyond the shadow of a doubt that crook stole the election). It would be refreshing if Obama congratulated Israel on occasion.

    • Remember Sandra Fluke (shown above), the college woman who started this controversy over contraception and the Catholic Church? (which was really about the right of religious freedom). In short, she wants government subsidy so she can continue having a bang up time in law school. After all, she said it was costing her and other female students over $3 grand for birth control. Well, Bill O'Reilly is reporting that she's been represented by a PR firm partially run by Anita Dunn, former communications director for none other than---Pres. Obama. Gee, what a friggin surprise! And for all those who fell for this nonsense----suckers.
    • The Bipartisan Policy Center is reporting that turnout has been low in the GOP races so far and some are pointing to an "enthusiasm gap." I don't believe in that gap for a moment. Once the Republicans choose their nominee, the gap will be history.
    • Has anyone seen Boehner around lately? Where is that guy anyway? He's the House Speaker and appears to be sitting around his own house instead of our House.

    • Do you believe this knuckleheadk, Herr Olberman, is still on television?  I think his audience on True TV has risen to about 150 a day. He picked up a lost tribe of viewers in the rainforest of Brazil. When ESPN had their reunion last year, guess what alum was not invited? Yes, it was Olberman. Even ESPN couldn't stand the prick.

    • And before I forget, the guy above is still in congress.

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