Monday, March 12, 2012

Jane Fonda: The Bitch Is Back!; Is Newt Done?; Buffett Owes More in Back Taxes; Is Obama Carter's Mini Me?; Another Obama Green Company Goes Under

I don't believe in anything about astrology, but I decided to read my sign in The Onion this week. "Pisces:  It's rare that people can live a happy, healthy life without friends, so the crushing depression you're feeling is perfectly normal." Damn, I'm glad I read that today. I feel friggin great!

  • The bitch is back!!! Jane Fonda came out of retirement to join several other hags, including Gloria Steinem, in condemning Rush for his comments two weeks ago.  They likened Rush to a Nazi propagandist (Gee, how friggin original? How many times are these nitwits going back to their "Nazi" file? It must be full considering they used the term against Bush and Cheney for 8 years).  Sandra Fluke, according to Fox News, was simply a surrogate for the Obama administration (she's represented by Pres. Obama's former Communication's Director. So who is the propagandist here? Allow me to fish into their Nazi files for a moment. Oh yes, sounds to me like Josef Goebbels would be proud). Some of my readers too young not to know about Jane Fonda should read about her anti-war Vietnam period. She was able---with the help of another fake, phony and back-stabbing frauds like John F. Kerry---to turn a portion of this nation against Vietnam veterans. Both of these rat bastards maligned an entire generation of Vietnam and Vietnam Era veterans. (Note: Jane Fonda did attempt to apologize two times to Vietnam Vets; however, she still refused to apologize for her trip to N. Vietnam where she broadcasted on Radio Hanoi just as Tokyo Rose did during WWII (she claims she only did that to bring an end to the war). In addition, during her 2005 alleged apology, she was promoting a film and an autobiography. Even Snopes had to admit her apology was done in "the most oblique terms"). She's was a scumbucket 40 plus years ago. She remains one today. 
  • One more item regarding this issue. Where have all these hags and the media been when hip-hop artists have been calling women "bitches" and "whores" in their music for the last 15 years? In fact, as one observer noted, they've even  managed to mainstreamed the N word. Hey, maybe Nazi is next. Would not surprise me with these putzes and conspicuous hypocrites.

  • Anyone whose been reading my rants knows I'm no big fan of Gingrich. I never thought he'd stand a chance to be nominated. He did win two big primaries, but he's come in 3rd or 4th in 80% of most primaries and caucuses. I'm confident in predicting he will drop out soon (but, then, I said that several months ago too).
  • And not great news for the other Republican candidates. As of last week and according to Rassmussen, Obama has pulled ahead of Romney and Santorum in four swing states including Ohio and Florida.
  • But it's all not bad for Republicans. According to a Washington Post/ABC Poll, a majority of Americans do not approve of the way the president is handling is job. His disapproval ratings have now risen again among independents (yo independents---make up your minds already).
  • It appears we hear a story like this one almost every week now. Abound Solar, a solar-module maker and recipient of $400 million in our money, announced layoffs of 300 employees or more than half of their total workforce. In addition, one of the leading donors to the Obama administration had a hand in this company getting this loan when everyone knew the company would never make it. Hope and Change---I guess. Michelle Malkin
  • But his insanity does not stop. I personally reported on the loser electric vehicle---Fisker Karma---months ago.  The government---our government---poured over $500 million into this piece of junk. Don't believe me? Well, maybe you'll believe Consumer Reports that reported, "We buy about 80 cars a year and this is the first time in memory that we have had a car that is undriveable before before it's finished our check-in process." Slo Joe Biden announced plans to build a new factory for this vehicle in Delaware but the company had to lay off about 30 employees last month. It's now being assembled in Finland---with our tax dollars.
  • Not only does Warren Buffet's company, Bershire Hathaway, still owe billions in back taxes but now, the IRS says his other company, Net Jets, Inc., also owes $366 million more in taxes. Remember, this is the genius and Obama suck-up who wants Americans to pay MORE in taxes. NY Post

  • Is Obama morphing into Jimmy Carter more and more each day? Have you noticed how often he blames others or us for the nation's troubles just as Carter did?
  • One thing is certain---inflation is not at the official rate of 3.1% as reported by the feds. It's really over 8.3% because the government does not include the real things Americans buy everyday like food, fuel, etc. So what has inflated? Milk is actually up 9.2% since 2010. Coffee is up almost 20% in the same period. Potatoes were not immune at 7.5% as well as eggs at 6.4%. The good news: beer has only inflated 1.9%. And do I have to mention fuel prices? Bureau of Labor Stats

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