Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Political Correctness Is For Punks and Pussies; Those Pesky Contradictions About Faith, Voter ID Laws, The Economy and More...; Windmills Are Killing Our Bald Eagles; Proof Drilling for Oil Creates Jobs; How To Stop Bullies? Defend Yourself

"The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings, and inefficiencies to our health care system." Actual quote by Pres. Obama in July of 2009. Little did he know how right he was.

After reading some news reports today, I've decided to talk about contradictions, political contradictions and the usual hypocrisy. Moreover, I'm going to try to be "correct"---not politically correct. That's easy. That's for punks and pussies. No, now it's time to be correct.

Have you ever witnessed a president and political party attack its own citizens as this administration does? It's evident in the examples below.
  • There's one contradiction exhibited by the Obama administration and democrats that was so conspicuous to me, I'm surprised no one else noticed it. As the president, his suck-up media and democrats were bashing and attacking the Catholic Church and other faith-based organizations for their pushback on the contraception debate and the administration trying to turn it into a "women's rights issue" (which was really put out there as a diversion from the administration's disastrous policies to date), he was apologizing to the Muslim world for 3 or 4 Korans that were accidentally burned by our troops in Afghanistan.

  • In keeping with women's issues, have you noticed how upset the media and many democrats were after Limbaugh when he inappropriately referred to Sandra Fluke as a "slut," yet, you hardly heard a peep out of these same hypocrites when Palin, Bachmann, Ingraham and other conservative women have been attacked and  referred to in much more derogatory terms for 8 years now, ie. the "C" word is one example? (By the way, polls now show---even Washington Post/ABC Poll---that the president has LOST ground with women over these diversionary tactics. Yes, last week, the media was reporting that this would hurt Republicans, but these polls are showing just the opposite has occurred in the last week. In fact, The Washington Post agreed with those assessments last week, but their own polling contradicts what they initially believed. That same poll shows that most Americans believe that the president has either done nothing to make things better or actually he's made things worse). And to add insult to injury, The New York Times poll shows Obama at 41% approval---the lowest of his administration. But what makes this poll number so significant? It was at 50% just over a week ago. That means all of these attacks on the Church and trying to make this a women's rights issue---failed.
  • It appears inside-the-beltway politicians and pundits have no idea what's happening on the street. Many are wondering why more Americans are not happier with unemployment declining and some small signs the economy is improving. The answer to that contradiction is simple really. On the street, it's barely noticeable. Thousands of small retail shops are still shuttered throughout the country. Two million jobs have simply vanished. Wage growth for those working has been stagnant. Inflation is higher than the government admits. Medical insurance costs are still rising (after promises that costs would fall). Currently, gas prices are still very high and rising. The average value of a home has declined by up to 40% in just the last 4 years. So while those in Washington attempt to make us view the glass as half-full, most Americans still see a glass half-empty.
  • Do you recall when Arizona legislated some tougher illegal immigration laws, the Obama siced that fake, phony and fraud, Eric Holder and the Justice Department after them?

  • And even as I write this, the Justice Department blocked the new voter ID laws in Texas. This is 2012, anyone can easily get an ID card. In fact, all of the voter ID laws enable those who don't have a valid ID to get one from the state---ABSOLUTELY FREE! In some states, they will provide transportation for the individual(s) to get one. And some facts you might like to know. After Georgia passed its voter ID law in 2008, voter participation actually went----UP (The Texas law is exactly the same as the law in Georgia). And the University of Nebraska's study concluded, "concerns about voter-identification laws affecting turnout are much ado about nothing." As Rich Lowry of National Review put so well: "Just as the administration is manufacturing a 'war on women,' he {Holder} wants to manufacture a 'war on voting rights.'"

  • Folks, Eric Holder is an asshole, and most of the country knows that now. Moreover, the Obama administration still employes this guy. That proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how incompetent they are.
  • Then there's the issue of high fuel prices. Have you noticed somethings all democrats demand (and some Republican nitwits as well) when fuel prices start to skyrocket? They want us to tap the oil reserves. In addition, they want the administration to put pressure on the Saudis to produce more oil. They do all that instead of drilling for more oil here. If we drilled here, we wouldn't have to even consider the first two stupid options.

  • And do you know why North Dakota's economy is doing so well with an unemployment rate just over 3%? Because the state drills for oil. They drill on private lands. The feds still do not allow drilling on federal land. As far back as 2006, we've found oil reserves that would make us the leader in oil production in the world. See the photo above? Those are men WHO HAVE JOBS drilling for oil.

  • Environmentalists and conservationists have been pushing for alternative energy for years now. In many respects, that's good. It'll be nice to rely less on those pricks in the Middle East. But, like the solar panel fiasco and the poor performance of electric cars (where this administration has squandered billions of our tax dollars in just the last 3 years alone), these environmentalists find themselves confronted with a dilemma and contradiction. For example, in California alone, over 77 bald eagles have been killed by windmills (LA Times and WSJ).  The National Center for Public Policy Research estimated that these windmills kill over 100,000 birds a year. And many bird conservatories and watchers report the number is actually much higher. These decapitating windmills also kill a lot of bats.
  • History Lession Break: "Let's go for a long ride Sunday; let's go to the mountains on weekends; let's read books in front of fires; let's really grow together and find the happiness we know is ours." Sounds like a letter from someone special does it not? It's part of a letter written by Richard Nixon to his future wife, Pat.
  • Then there's the contradiction with regard to the economy. Folks, I have a simple question: If our economy is improving, why is the unemployment rate still at 8.3%? All one has to do is the math. Yes, 227,000 more jobs were created last month, but we're still seeing over 350,000 people filing for first-time unemployment EACH WEEK! And if there is a recovery, as Charles Gasparino wrote this week, someone in the media should ask: why did it take so long?

  • Pres. Obama will be featured on the Cartoon Network (how appropriate) where he will deliver an opening statement about bullying. I understand chidlren and gays and others are bullied each and every day in this country. All one has to do is watch the local news about our public school system (Just last week, there was a major riot at Murry Bergtraum School in NYC. It took police and security over 20 minutes to control the riot. Several police officers were injured. Since the riot, there are now 10 police officers patrolling the school hallways. Only 18% of the student body are college ready and 12% drop out---NY Post) The local news in every major city is littered with videos of kids fighting in school. But what about another alternative for the child who is bullied? What about teaching chidlren how to defend themselves from bullies? Yes, conflict resolution can work---if it's taught correctly and kids get the message. But that does not always work. As a kid growing up in the Bronx, I was bullied on occasion (for a period of time as a kid, I was what we used to call, "huskie," code for chubby) until I punched a bully smack in his face. The bullying ended then and there. Memo to Parents: where do you think children are learning this behavior?  It's called reality TV.

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