Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Are Progressives (Lefties) So Damn Creepy?; New Yorkers Support The NYPD; Hillary Is Losing It; Santorum & Romney & Women & Catholics; ObamaCare Costs To Double: The Scam Is Not Working

They say gasoline could reach $6 a gallon. But the good news is the White House says Pres. Obama is aware of the problem and will continue to talk about in between fundraisers....Leno

  • Why are Progressives (Lefties) so damn creepy? Don't get me wrong, if you read this blog over time, you know which Conservatives I find creepy too, but Lefties appear to have a monopoly on just being outright creepy. But they can also be creepy in the dangerous sense. For example, their sheer weakness in terms of national security is one example. Other examples include the likes of Pelosi (even many Democrats find her creepy), Harry Reid and Barney Frank.  In more recent news, Eric Holder gives most Americans the creeps as does the current Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, who said in 2008 that gas prices should rise to the levels in Europe to spur energy development (When pressed this week by the Senate Committee on Energy, he retracted those creepy statements. By the way, the price of fuel in Europe in many countries is over $9 bucks a gallon). Of course, there's the entire MSNBC lineup that scares the be-jesus out of many Americans. Also, who can deny Bill Maher and Michael Moore are two creepy looking dudes.  And then there's Pres. Obama who gives about 60% of Americans---if the polls are accurate---the creeps and the willies. Here's a president who really can't run on his record, so what is he doing? Pretending like his previous three years didn't even happen or still playing the blame game (one would think Bush was still in office as often as Obama proclaimed his name during this period). I need to stop with this topic. It's giving me the friggin creeps.
  • This is for the Occupy crowd if any are left out there. This week Slo Joe Biden gave a speech to 87 very wealthy democrats in Georgetown. But don't be too angry you were not invited. The cost to attend was a measly $10 grand a plate which is a deal considering it's usually $30 grand and some change.
  • Oh, there is a bit of Occupy news today. A woman was raped at the Occupy New Haven site this week. I guess some things just never change---misfits, creeps and felons still inhabit that crowd of losers. NBC News

  • Regarding the controversy surrounding the NYPD monitoring Muslim activities, you should know a Quinnipiac Poll this week shows that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support the NYPD. Fully 82% responded in the poll that the NYPD has been effective in combating terrorism. You gotta wonder how The NY Times and AP are taking the news since they've been in the forefront bashing the police. Hey, who care how they are taking the news anyway? They have creeps working at both.
  • Hillary Clinton must be losing it. At a conference of women in NYC this week, she compared Burma's courageous opposition leader Suu Kyi to Sandra Fluke and said, "The want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and bodies." Of course, she's also referring to the United States (another creepy example of Lefties always blaming the United States).
  • Speaking of women, it's interesting that the social conservative got more of the women votes in last night's primaries---Rick Santorum. And what is equally fascinating is that Romney continues to get more of the Catholic vote than does Santorum who is a Catholic. Go figure. I suspect it's because Catholics have traditionally been more moderate and liberal.

  • By the way, women might be interested in these facts. ObamaCare will control your bodies as it will control all of our bodies. Sect. 1501 and 1302 requires all Americans enroll in a "qualified plan" or pay a penalty. What does "qualified" mean? It means whatever Health and Human Services decides are "essential services." And nothing in ObamaCare guarantees contraception coverage. And Sect. 1311(h)(1) is even worse. It states "qualified plans" can pay only doctors and hospitals that follow the dictates of Health and Human Services who is empowered to impose any regulation to "improve health-care quality." Never in United States history has the federal government tried to control how doctors treat privately insured patients. Now that's creepy. NY Post
  • And if that's not bad enough, CBO (Congressional Budget Office) reported today that ObamaCare cost projections have doubled. Yes, it will now cost us $1.76 trillion over the next 10 years. Two years ago,  Pres. Obama said it would cost about $900 billion over ten years. And to add insult to injury, the CBO also reported that over 4 million fewer Americans are now covered at work. It really still amazes me how many Americans fell for this scam.