Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's Analyze Obama Supporters; Obama Flag Taken Down; CNN's Zakaria, A Real Knucklehead; NAACP Has Lost Its Mind; Dumbass Update

Some of my readers have asked me why I quote The Onion a lot. For one, I believe it's the best satirical publication on the market today, and they don't care who they offend. But even more important, I take their advice seriously. Their motto is simple: "Shove The Onion down your friends' throats."

  • As one reviews most of the major polls, Pres. Obama's approval ratings have ranged from about 41% to 50% over the last 3 plus years (according to NY Times/CBS polling, he's at his lowest as I write this---41%). So these numbers got me thinking and scratching my huge head. Who are these people who believe that the cost of ObamaCare, as published by the Congressional Budget Office yesterday, at $1.8 trillion over the next ten years is actually good for the nation? (Pres. Obama himself said it would not cost more than $900 billion. In other words, projections have doubled). Who are these people that think a national debt approaching $16 trillion is good for the nation? Who are these people who believe a monstrous deficit is good for the nation? Who are these people who think pumping billions into failing "green" companies is good for the nation? Who are these people who think unemployment at 8.3% is good for the nation (reaching almost 50% among black youth). Who are these people who believe that first time unemployment claims at 350,000 per WEEK is good for the nation? Who are these people who listen to a president who says he wants to create more jobs and get us off depending on Middle East oil, but refuses to allow more drilling and puts the kibosh to the Keystone Oil Pipeline? Who are these people who believe that apologizing to our enemies is actually good for our nation? Who are these people who believe permitting the killing of American Bald Eagles by a native American tribe for religious purposes is good while at the same time attacking the Catholic Church for sticking to their religious core values? Who are these people who believe what this administration proclaims about the need for more civility, but says nothing about its surrogates spewing vile attacks on the opposition? Who are these people who believe that attacking a staunch American ally like Israel is better than appeasing our enemy---Iran? Who are these people who believe an administration that attacks its own states regarding imposing laws on illegal immigration and voter ID laws is good for the nation? Who are these people who believe the percentage of Americans living in poverty at the highest ever is good for the nation? So who are these people? In addition to being in denial, the also happen to be the delusional among us. And at 41-50%---it should scare the living crap out of every American.

  • The feds reported the nation's underemployment rate---those people who can't find a full-time job or have given up looking for a job---now stands at 14.9% (hey, might as well round it off to 15%. You know they probably missed a few folks)

  • In case you missed the news, the Democrat Party Chairwoman in Lake County Florida was taken to task by veterans for flying an American flag with Obama's image  over the Democrat headquarters. Veterans met with her and informed her that the flag was in violation of the  federal flag code. After checking the code herself and because of pressure from veterans and the bad publicity, she finally took the flag down. But one is left with a question: why fly an American flag with the president's image on it in the first place? I think many know the answer to that question.
  • At the State Dinner in the White House yesterday for UK's PM David Cameron the attendees included individuals who have donated almost $11 million to Obama's re-election campaign (ABC News).

  • Sometimes I like to catch Fareed Zakaria of CNN just to laugh my ass off. This is the knucklehead who recently said the evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is "ambiguous." Mind you, the Atomic Energy Commission, just last week, reported that "Iran has engaged in activities relevant to the development of nuclear devices."
  • But there is some good news coming out of Iran. According to USA TODAY, Iran's parliament grilled President Ahmadinejad for mismanaging of Iran's economy and his defiance of the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
  • Regarding the voter ID laws being passed throughout the nation (PA just passed their law yesterday. You can count on Eric Holder suing them within a week), the NAACP actually taking the issue of voter ID to---get the duct tape out now; you'll need it----The United Nations. What would ever possess them to take this issue of voting to a world body that has nations who don't even allow women to vote in 2012? To a world body that has nations who arm children? Really NAACP, how much more irrelevant do you want to become?

  • Dumbass Update: Chris Mathews said of Romney, Santorum and Gingrich: "They've got three RC's---or two RC's---two Roman Catholics---running and a Mormon, so three cultists running and they gotta pick one of these three cultists, as they seen them." NewsBusters