Friday, March 16, 2012

Joe Biden: Nation's Leading Knucklehead; NY Slimes Exhibits Bias Again Toward Catholics; Only Took Two Weeks For N. Korea To Break Its Promise; Occupy Wall Street Cost The 99% In Nation Millions; What Opposition To Voter ID is Really All About

Not a good week for Pres. Obama. His approval rating dropped 9% last month to an all-time low of 41%. In fact, if he keeps this up, the White House said they may have to fish out bin Laden and shoot him all over again...Leno

  • You got to give it to Slo Joe Biden. He doesn't appear to be bothered by being perceived as Obama's Court Jester and the nation's leading knucklehead.  This is what he told a rally of United Auto Workers yesterday: "If you give any one of these guys {referring to GOP candidates} the keys to the White House, they will bankrupt the middle class." Folks, really, how can Slo Joe say that with a straight face after this administration has done just that? But then again, stupid is as stupid does.

  • I believe you will find this story of interest. The NY Times recently ran an ad by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (a long time anti-Catholic radical group of thugs) with the headline: "It's Time To Quit The Catholic Church." It also goes on to proclaim the usual drivel these thugs always say about the Catholic Church. Yes, they have every right to publish that ad. But the NY Times refused to publish this ad from a human rights organization (AFDI) with the headline: "It's Time To Quit Islam." Let me say this from a personal perspective. I think both ads are stupid. However, why does the NY Times always make it a point to bash Christians and give Islamists a pass? I know one reason: they scared to death. They know if they publish anything negative about Islam, their lives would be in danger. How do I know that? They admit it in their rejection of the ad. They said if the Islam ad were too be published, it would put our troops in danger. And by extension, they don't want their own heads chopped off either (I always find it interesting anytime I write anything about the "Alleged Religion of Peace" my readership goes up in the Middle East---meaning I know I have some really pissed off followers. And specifically for those followers, I offer the global peace sign:
  • But then again, it might be our own government I have to worry about. The Politico and The Center for Digital Democracy reported that the Obama campaign team are mining for personal information to woo donors. According to their report, the president's re-election team is tapping into personal information available over the internet to learn who you are and what you think. They do point out in the piece that Republicans do the same but the Obama people are much more sophisticated. Hey, is this what Hope and Change was all about?---tracking who we are and tracking what we're thinking about. No wonder the sales of guns is going through the roof.
  • You might recall about two weeks ago, The State Department headed by Hillary Clinton, were overjoyed that N. Korea said it would suspend testing their rocket system. At that time, I wrote N. Korea has never kept one promise they've ever made. Well, just today, they announced they will launch a rocket into space. In response, the United States said this launch would breach several UN security council resolutions. Like N. Korea gives a crap. When is this administration going to stop believing anything N. Korea or Iran says? They are being taken as chumps by these regimes.
  • Conspicuous example of the media circling the wagons to protect Obama. USA TODAY headline on the price of gasoline: "Cost Unlikely To Dent Consumer Spending." Yet, the body of the piece fails to interview any consumers.

  • NYPD announced this week that the misfits, thugs and felons of the Occupy Wall
    Street crowd cost the NYPD $17 MILLION in overtime. And who has to pay that bill? Yes, you got it---the 99%. And this bill is only from one city. These fools no doubt cost the taxpayers in the 99% millions upon millions of dollars.  Memo to NY City Taxpayers: Just a reminder, the Democrat Party supported these lunatics.

  • Hey, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm going to miss this Rod Blagojevich guy. He gave politics some interesting rounds of humor. And, once again, he showed how crooked Democrat politics is in the great state of Illinois (which happens to be where our president learned his trade).
  • Make no mistake. The reason the Obama Justice Dept., headed by Eric Holder, is attacking the voter ID laws is simple: Illegal immigrants who have no ID or can't get one will not be able to vote for Obama and the Democrats. Or as one letter writer to the NY Post write today: "I don't blame Holder for being enraged over the voter ID laws....Criminals, the dead and noncitizens won't be allowed to vote---a huge voting bloc of the Democratic Party."  By the way, the criminal part is no exaggeration. In Philly, the Dems were busted about 7 or 8 years ago for trying to get convicts in jail filling out absentee ballots. It was being done by those ACORN type thugs and nitwits.