Sunday, March 18, 2012

UN Thugs To Investigate Our Voter ID Laws; UN Failures Are Monumental; Ray Kelly Tells Them To Kiss His PC Ass; Ground Zero Museum Still A Hole in the Ground; Slo Joe Booed at St. Pat's Parade

A new CBS poll found 80% of Americans say they are not better off than they were 4 years ago. The other 20% own gas stations. Leno

  • In a previous post, I reported on the NAACP's intent to get the UN involved in investigating our voter ID laws. Well, guess what? They went and did it. They persuaded the UN Human Rights Council to investigate what the NAACP and other nitwits are calling "voter suppression." The NAACP asked an international council made up of misfit thug countries like Cuba and other Middle Eastern countries. The sheer idiocy is reinforced by the fact that many of the Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia just recently granted women the right to vote. In fact, in Saudi Arabia, women will not actually vote until 2015. Yet, our Justice Department refused to investigate actual voter suppression in Philadelphia when the New Black Panthers intimidated voters at voter precincts in 2008. Fortunately, the UN has no legal or moral authority to interfere into our election system. But the fact that the NAACP requested the UN's interference shows, once again, how irrelevant the organization has become.

  • And allow me to list some of the many failures of the UN. Where were they with the massacres that occurred in Rwanda? Where have they been with the genocide occurring now in the Sudan? In the Balkan War in the 1990's, 8000 men were slaughtered in Sebrenica right under the noses of the UN "Peace" Keepers. They've failed to stop slaughters in Somalia, Angola, Liberia and many other parts of the world. UN "Peace" keepers were accused of rape and child sexual abuse in the Congo, Haiti and Liberia. This organization has been an utter failure in keeping peace across the globe.
  • Speaking of keeping peace, you have to give it to NYPD Commish Ray Kelly. He's not taking any crap from his critics. He appeared in front of a hostile City Council meeting last week. One of the issues raised was "stop and frisk." When one of the council members wanted Kelly to apologize to minorities for using stop-and-frisk tactics to clear illegal guns off the city's streets, Kelly responded: "If we conducted stops according to Census data, half of all stops would be women."  He added, "Ninety-six percent of the shooting victims in this city are people of color, 90% of the murder victims are people of color." And then he said something they didn't want to hear: "Who do you think's lives are being saved?" In other words, Kelly didn't let them get away with debating who the elephant is in the room. And Kelly continued to hammer away at the knuckleheads: "What I haven't heard is any solution to the violence problems in these communities." Ray Kelly is a cop who is not afraid to go against political correctness to do what is right. NY Post and Huffington Post
  • Guess what country in the Middle East has become the only major Arab country with a modicum of stability?------Iraq. In fact, The Arab Summit will be held in Baghad this year.  In addition, despite pressures from other countries, Iraq has refused to invite that murderous dictator of Syria, Assad, to the summit. And they've rejected a demand from Iran to be an observer (Iran is not an Arab nation and therefore not a member). Amir Taheri

  • With news that some of the misfits, thugs and felons in the Occupy movement are planning a spring offensive, a cartoon in the paper today showed two NYPD cops standing in an empty lot with the usual Occupy signs strewn all over the ground. One cop asked, "Where's the protesters?" The other cop replied, "In line for the new IPads."
  • Do you know it took just over 2 years to build the Empire State Building? Yet, Ground Zero is still not done over 10 years later.  Moreover, the price tag for the memorial planned for Ground Zero is quickly approaching $1 billion. That's almost as much as it cost to build the Twin Towers. And how much will operating costs be a year? How does $55 million sound? As one observer remarked, "So the museum remains as it has been for years---a very expensive hole in the ground. NY Post
  • Regarding ObamaCare, a new report from The Kaiser Family Foundation said the average costs of family health care plans are up $2,200.00. So much for "bending the cost curve."
  • There is some good news. Slo Joe Biden was booed at Pittsburgh's St. Patrick's Day Parade.  It's encouraging to see the Irish and the people in Pittsburgh are smart folks.
  • And Pres. Obama should be encouraged today too. This week supermodel Elle Macpherson said she loves Obama. She added, "I'm a socialist. What do you expect?"