Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Joe Biden, Nation's Knucklehead, Does It Again; Obama's Blame Game Has A Long History; How Will The Media Portray The Military and Vets Now?; Hollywood Just Can't Help Bashing Catholics' NAACP Dishonors Democracy; Peyton Manning Has A Job But What About Tebow?; Obama Gets Three Pinocchios

"Gettysburg Pulls Assassin's Bobblehead." I wish I could tell you that's a headline from The Onion. It's not. It's from USA TODAY several days ago. Evidently, the bookstore at Gettysburg thought selling a bobblehead of John Wilkes Booth was a good idea. Yo, what's next, a bobblehead of Lee Harvey Oswald?

  • I know it's an overused adage, but it's the one that comes to mind so quickly regarding Slo Joe Biden: the gift that keeps on giving. But Biden really adds new meaning to the term "knucklehead." Last week, he was taken to task on this blog for warning voters if Republicans are elected, goodbye to the middle class. Of course, he neglected to say it's the middle class who has suffered most under his boss's administration. Yesterday, he came out with another gem.  He said, regarding the killing of bin Laden, it was the most audacious plan in the last 500 years. I guess he also neglected to remember those "small" plans like our invasion of Normandy on D-Day or our own American Revolution and countless other events in our own history alone. As one guy commented on Politico to Slo Joe's statement: "There's only one thing worse than having one idiot in the White Houses. It's having two idiots." I would add this: The White House is full of knuckleheads. Slo Joe just happens to be the Court Jester who gets all the print because, well, it's Joe just being Joe. No, it's Joe just being an idiot.

  • It's certainly not news that Pres. Obama has a tendency to blame others for his own poor performance. In his first three years, he couldn't pull two sentences together without blaming George W. Bush.  After some time, even his administration realized that strategy had lost its effectiveness. Nevertheless, he continues to do it, and it appears to be a campaign strategy. To be fair, all politicians blame others. The difference with this president and all the others before him has been the things he blames or uses as excuses. As one talk show commentator in Philadelphia reminded his listeners recently, this president actually blamed ATMs for high unemployment rates. The fact is: he did on The Today Show in June of 2011. It's been a year since the official beginning of the myth of The Arab Spring and the Japan's earthquake. But I wonder how many people remember the president blaming our struggling economy on those two events. He did on August 5, 2011. He's blamed a whole host of others for the high price of fuel. He's blamed Wall Street countless times for the nation's economic woes (even though he surrounds himself with Wall Streeters and they've been some of his largest funders).  He blamed corporate jet owners, talk radio, the Tea Party, speculators and the list just goes on an on. In fact, the news just broke this morning in The Politico, that Obama blames Fox News for his loss of white male support. It's documented in David Corn's new book, "Showdown." This blame game must be all-too familiar with parents everywhere. Blaming others is what children do all the time when they do something bad.
  • Two facts you need to arm yourself with regarding the economy: 1) The job numbers began to improve in 2010 after Republicans took hold of the House (it started to tank in 2006, after the Dems took over) and 2) the lame recovery we are having didn't start until the president's stimulus spending package ended.
  • And CBS is reporting today that Obama created more debt in the last 3 years than Bush did in 8.
  • From Jonathan Tobin, a blogger in the NY Post this week about the NAACP asking the aholes at the UN to investigate Voter ID laws in the U.S.: "The NAACP Dishonors Democracy."
  • With this alleged killing of innocent Afghan civilians by Sgt. Robert Bates, I urge people to be careful not to fall into the trap that many Lefties and Progressives do during every conflict. Namely,  many of them begin labeling all military and veterans as crazed lunatics. It happened to Vietnam vets after My Lai. The New York Times already took the first shot. In a piece by Stepehen Xenakis, he wrote "...The Army will want to say that soldiers who commit crimes are rogues, that they are individual, isolated cases. But they are not." He's full of crap.  We've had millions serve in the Armed Forces in the last 200 plus years and thousands have been on multiple deployments, and incidents like this one and My Lai have been rare.
  • I guess Progressives in Hollywood just can't help themselves when it comes to bashing Catholics. HBO will open an HBO film entitled, The Three Stooges. And this is a description of one character: "Larry David...plays Stooges arch nemesis Sister Mary-Mengele." As the critic correctly points out, the name "Mengele" is inspired by Josef Mengele, the Nazi concentration camp doctor who, by the way, did the most hideous experiments on Jews. That's Hollywood today.

  • How bad is it still in Detroit? CNN reported there are over 50,000 stray dogs roaming Detroit streets. And The Washington Times is reporting that despite assurances by Clint Eastwood and others, Detroit is still in big trouble. In fact, the city anticipates running out of money by this summer.

  • Will Tebow mania be over in Denver with the acquisition of Peyton Manning? Be prepared for over-the-top sports news coverage on this topic especially from ESPN. It's what that network thrives on.

  • You might have heard about a 17 minute propaganda film entitled, "The Road We've Traveled." It's narrated by Tom Hanks and makes the president out to be the savior of mankind. It's really a pathetic piece of nonsense. But that's not only my opinion. Even The Washington Post, a long-time Obama suck-up rag, questions some of the "facts" in the film especially the account regarding Obama's mother. In fact, the title of their piece is: "A Misleading Account Of Obama's Mother And Her Insurance Dispute." They gave the film three Pinocchios