Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is President Obama Unpatriotic?; More Military Down On Obama; Trayvon Martin Case; Malia's Trip to Mexico; Boehner: Missing in Action; Have We Had Our Fill of Oprah?

From The Onion's sports page today: "Broncos calling teams to see if they need anyone who can't play quarterback."

  • Is President Obama unpatriotic? I have a good reason for asking that question. During his 2008 campaign he said the debt created by George W. Bush was "irresponsible" and "unpatriotic."  Yet, as reported by the Treasury Department yesterday, Obama has racked up more debt in 3 years than Bush did in 8. And the Congressional Budget Office reported last week that the president's policies will boost the debt to over $20 trillion by the end of a second term if he was to be re-elected. So back to my initial question: Is Pres. Obama unpatriotic? Perhaps we can have the president answer that question.

  • When I read the news today that more Marines are down on Obama (Marine Corps Times Blog), it did not surprise me one bit. All one has to do is read Facebook comments that come from military personnel and veterans and the picture is crystal clear: They do not have confidence in Obama as President and as Commander in Chief.
  • In The "Gee What A Friggin Suprise" File: French news authorities are reporting the suspect who allegedly killed members of a Jewish family and several French soldiers is a Muslim fanatic.
  • Since I'm not going to be on any jury and basically I don't give a crap what anyone thinks about my opinion regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting, I'm going to speculate. I've heard those 911 tapes several times now. The shooter, George Zimmerman, was instructed not to follow young Trayvon. Yet, it appears he did. There are reports that Trayvon was on the cell to his girlfriend just prior to the shooting. He told her, "This dude is following me." If true, that call reinforces my speculation. I believe Trayvon, 16 years old, was nervous about some "dude" who was following him. I'd be nervous myself, and I'm on the back side of my life now. One of many questions that remains has to do with whether Trayvon was defending himself---someone yelling "help" can be heard on one of the tapes just prior to a shot ringing out---or was Zimmerman defending himself. But the fact---as we know it now---remains: Trayvon was unarmed. As I look at this incident right now---and I know more information will surface in the days to come---I think Zimmerman over-reacted. And because he did, a young man paid a heavy price for Zimmerman's actions.
  • Having said that, we're witnessing the other side jumping to a lot of conclusions regarding race, profiling and stereotyping. Mark Neal, a prof at Duke said in USA TODAY, "It's about the way that black males are framed in the larger being violent, criminal, and threats to safety and property." Yo Mr. Neal! --- black males are framing themselves. Don't blame their behavior on how society perceives them. That's a cop-out and you know it. Perhaps if the black community starts taking some responsibility for the jerk-offs in their own communities, that "framing" narrative would change. But it's up to the black community to take action.

  • What I'm about to write is not taking a shot at Malia's trip to Mexico. If she wants to take a spring break to Mexico then God bless her. But when I read about the criticism of the trip, I think we're talking about the First Family's judgement in this matter. According to reports, at least 25 Secret Service Agents will be along for the ride. That makes sense considering murders and kidnappings are a big business in Mexico lately (and why send a child there for spring break?). But it's also damn expensive. Beyond that, we still have an economy that's struggling here. So why did the Malia have to go to Mexico? Why not some spring break location in the United States where all the money spent on the trip would help OUR local business people, not Mexico's.

  • Missing Congressman Alert: Has anyone seen the guy above lately? Is he still on the taxpayer's payroll? Just askin'.
  • Regarding ObamaCare, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) also reported last week that ObamaCare will still leave 27 million Americans without health insurance by 2022. So much for "universal" health care.

  • Does anyone really give a sh!t that Oprah's network, OWN, is tanking (OWN laid off 30 employees yesterday)? And who was the genius in her company---if not her---who thought Rosie O'Donnel would be a hit? Her show averaged a whopping 130,000 viewers. More people attend two soccer games in Europe in two stadiums on any given Sunday.