Thursday, March 22, 2012

French Appeasement Results in Innocents Being Murdered; It Happened Here Too; Iranian Agents Recon Activities in NYC; Low Gas Prices? Really?; Muslim Brotherhood Wants Presidency in Egypt; Occupy Dumps Human Waste in Bank Lobby

"I give Tim Tebow about three games with the Jets before he stops believing in God." Twitter reaction to Tebow going the Jets

  • In the next several days, we're going to hear a lot about this prick in France who killed members of a Jewish family and several French soldiers. Fortunately, for all of society, he's now with his 72 virgins (French Swat teams arranged the meeting).  Initial speculation was that he was a Neo-Nazi (the media always hopes that it's someone from the far-right; but, alas it's almost always an Islamic fanatic or someone from the Left). Not surprisingly, he turned out to be an al-Qaeda fanatic. Unfortunately, French authorities are not like the NYPD. Questions are now being asked (and you'll find this in the European media) why the French authorities failed to monitor this guy more closely. He was on a French Security Watch List since 2008 according to reports out of France yet he  traveled to the Pakistan-Afghan border last year. The French Interior Minister admitted they lost track of this guy. Let's be clear: France bought this upon themselves for their so-called "tolerance" policies. They have appeased Muslim fanatics in France for years now. As I've written about in the past, there actual are "no-go zones" or Muslim communities where even the French police fear to enter. You might recall, in 2005, French Muslims rioted in France and destroyed over 9,000 vehicles and several hundred buildings. Human Rights organizations have reported almost 400 acts of anti-Semitism in France last year. Tolerance has its place but not with terrorists. That's called appeasement and appeasement gets people---usually innocent people---murdered. Just ask any Jewish holocaust survivors and Eastern Europeans who were victims of appeasement toward Hitler by most of Europe prior to 1939.  We'll see if France learned a lesson this week.
  • By the way, we also learned the hard way. This incident resembles what happened at Ft. Hood. In that case, political correctness (which is a form of appeasement) got Americans killed. We knew for some time that "Major" Nidal Hassan had sympathies with Islamic terrorists. He even contacted al-Qaeda operatives. Yet, he was allowed to remain in the army and carry a weapon. That "appeasement" resulted in the murder of 13 Americans.
  • And as far as the NYPD, this incident in France proves the NYPD is doing what it's suppose to be doing---another lesson the French can learn.
  • In fact, the NYPD's intelligence division reported to Congress yesterday they have observed reconnaissance activities in NY City by Iranian agents. They believe these agents have ties to Hezbollah. AP

  • To give you some idea how the media is treating the issue of fuel prices. USA TODAY has a piece on how gas prices vary widely throughout the United States. They also show a graph illustrating where the lowest gas prices can be found. But what I find striking is Wyoming at $3.45 is the lowest, and that we actually now perceive or believe that a per gallon price of $3.45 is low. In other words---welcome to the new normal.

  • By the way, one of the reasons USA TODAY gives for the high cost of fuel in many areas: pipeline construction has not kept pace with the oil bounty. The lack of pipelines is slowing deliveries to parts of the country. And what would help this bottleneck?---The Keystone Pipeline that Pres. Obama stopped. Note: Within the last hour, Pres. Obama pledged to support the southern sector of the Keystone pipeline (he put the kibosh to the northern sector until after the elections). But TransCanada has yet to apply to build the southern leg. I see some double-talking going on here with the administration. Let's see how this plays out.
  • The "Myth of the Arab Spring" continues. The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization with ties to terrorism, now will field someone in the Egyptian presidential elections. If they win, they will control the remaining two branches of government in Egypt. USA TODAY
  • While I'm on the topic of Islamists, it's now being reported that Chechnya's Islamic identity is rising.  Human Rights Watch is reporting women have been attacked for not playing by Islamic rules like not wearing head covering. And gender segregation is now common.

  • It looks like the misfits and thugs in the Occupy movement just can't help being assholes. The NYPD is reporting some OWS jerkoffs poured human waste and urine into a bank lobby last week. The incident was caught on bank surveillance cameras.
  • "By the grace of God, Tebow will lead the Jets to another second-place finish" and "In order to win the Super Bowl, the Broncos sacrificed a virgin."----Tweets