Monday, April 23, 2012

Knee-Pad Media Spins New Normal; 1 in 2 College Graduates Are Jobless; GM To Expand in CHINA!; "Reign of Terror"

From The Onion's Political Page: Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable Due To Facebook.

  • If you been watching and listening to the pundits as close as I have, you've noticed a conspicuous trend and it's this: the knee-pad media and the Obama campaign are trying to spin a dreadful economy into something it is not. For example, when the unemployment rate dropped down from 8.3% to 8.2%, many in the lame stream media were giddy from excitement. As I believe I wrote that day, that would be like having a party after you paid $4.25 for a gallon of fuel instead of $4.27. But the conspiracy is even more obvious because the Obama campaign and their enablers in the media are trying to spin all of the bad news into a "new normal." In other words, 8.2% unemployment is really not that bad considering we're into a new economy. Or more people on food stamps is really not that bad either. Or poverty rates higher than we've ever experienced---is really not that bad. Don't let the spin fool you.

  • Latest Dept. of Labor stats regarding unemployment in NYC including all boroughs: the overall rate is 10.2% with Bronx leading at 14.1%.
  • And the AP is now reporting that 1 in 2 recent college graduates are jobless. So when Pres. Obama keeps visiting the college campuses, I wonder if he reminds them of this disturbing statistic. As one observer wrote recently, "The 'Hope and Change'  that Obama promised hasn't produced much more than college loans that will be hard to pay off and a health-car law that let's them stay on Mommy and Daddy's health insurance till they're 26." Michael Barone
  • And how much in college debt are graduate facing? How does $1 trillion sound?

  • Speaking of the knee-pad media. Guess who appeared on pundit TV yesterday? None other than the disgraced Herr Keith Olberman.  He was on ABC's This Week hosted by George Stephanopolos. It's truly disturbing how low many of these "journalistic" themed shows have fallen. All one has to do is look at MSNBC. Any network that gives that fake, phony and fraud---Sharpie Sharpton---his own show, has no credibility in my book.

  • And some polls are showing that many Americans are not being fooled. Last week's Gallup reported only 24% of Americans feel we're on the right track as a nation. It's an historic low. But I have a question: Who the f<ck are these people?
  • By the way, when you look at the crap on reality TV, the local news, the teenage violence posted on Youtube on a regular basis, the out-of-control homicides in many of our cities,  low-hanging baggy pants exposing butts, the behavior of some of the Secret Service agents, the behavior of GSA employees, etc. etc., does it ever enter you mind: how much lower can our society deteriorate?  Then again you might read another story about Jet Cornerback, Antonio Cromartie only 27, who just reported he has his 10th child. You might be saying to yourself: so what's the big deal? It's his 10th child with about 8 different women from about six different states.
  • Can anyone answer this question about the Trayvon killing? Why did it take so long to release the photos of Zimmerman's bloody head? I believe the issue in this case will come down to who the jury believes was the initial aggressor. As I've also written before, the 911 audio tape clearly shows that Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher not to follow Trayvon. That's what the prosecutors will hang their case on.

  • As I write this, Twitter is being blasted with lynch mob Tweets as a result of Zimmerman's release on bail. Hundreds of Tweets refer to killing Zimmerman and the judge. I'd hate to see what would happen if Zimmerman is found not guilty (By the way, if you want to know what is going on in the Twitter world, check out Good site for Twitter trends).

  • More breaking news. GM announced today it will be opening 600 new GM dealerships in China. Nice to know taxpayer bailout money is being used for a good cause.
  • This past Sunday, David Axelrod, Obama's strategist, accused the Republicans of a "Reign of Terror." Really? I think if you ask most reasonable Americans, a Reign of Terror has been waged against them by this administration. Keep in mind. The first two years of the Obama administration, he had Congress in his pocket. Dems had the majority. He could have worked on the economy and jobs. But what did he do? He spent 2 years on ObamaCare when unemployment was over 10%. Since that time, the House---with a Republican majority---passed several budgets and many jobs bills only to be stymied by Democrats in the Senate. The democratically controlled Senate has not passed a budget in over 3 YEARS! (Pres. Obama has submitted budgets but they were voted down overwhelmingly---he didn't even get any support from his own party). These are facts that are undeniable.