Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What If Somebody Else Was President Now Other Than Obama?; Obama's Dereliction of Duty?; Romney Gets Good Reviews From Tea Party in Philadelphia; Fed Employees Owe Over $1 billion in Back Taxes; Tax Freedom Day; NYPD and Homeland Security: Job Well Done Again

Pres. Obama released his tax returns. It turns out he made $900,000 less in 2011 than he did in 2010. You know what that means? Even Obama is doing worse under Pres. Obama. Leno

  • Jay Leno hit the nail on the head regarding Obama's income. That joke leads me to ask an  important question I believe no one has yet asked.   Would 40-45% of Americans still support that president with the same track record? A track record that still includes unemployment over 8% for the last 3 years (about 25% for African Americans). A track record with over 350,000 people still filing for unemployment each week. A track record where the national debt is now approaching $16 trillion. A track record that has dumped billions into failed green auto and solar companies. A track record that shows poverty is at one of its highest rates ever in the history of the nation. A track record that showed those on food stamps jumped from 31 million in 2008 to 46 million in 2011. A track record that shows almost 1 in 4 children living in poverty. A track record where median household income has fallen. A track record on foreign policy that is dubious at best. You get the picture because you either live that life or see it everyday. I believe the answer to that question would be a flat-out NO. Regardless of whether another Democrat or Republican was sitting in the Oval Office, I believe they would want him/her run out of D.C. on the first train leaving the station on Jan. 20, 2013.
  • Gallup tracking poll this week reports Romney with a slight edge over Obama, 47%-45% for registered voters.
  • Just yesterday, I wrote about all the distractions the administration keeps throwing our way to distract us from how really bad things are. This from Charles Krauthammer today (Krauthammer is probably one of the most gifted pundits on the Right, not only an outstanding columnist; he's also a psychiatrist. His pieces have that added touch of "insight."): "The enterprise {referring to the Buffett Rule} is an exercise in mis-direction---a distraction not just from Obama's dismal record on growth and employment, but, more importantly, from his dereliction of duty to address the utterly predictable and devastating debt crisis ahead."
  • Speaking of failed green auto companies, The Detroit News is reporting even Ford is having a hard time selling its electric Focus. Of course, this follows GM's plans a few months ago to suspend the production of their Volt. Since they restarted production, Volt sales in March were about 2000. However, if fuel prices continue to climb, I would also expect sales of these autos to also climb.

  • Yesterday, Mitt Romney was the keynote speaker at the "Tax Day Summit" in Philadelphia. It was organized by the Independence Hall Tea Party.  By most accounts, the Tea Party folks liked what they heard from Romney.
  • Of course, a few Occupy Philly parasites showed up. Like parasites, they were just annoying. Even the progressive Philadelphia Inquirer gave them only one sentence in their piece on this event.
  • It appears Warren Buffett's company is not the only one that owes back taxes. Fox Boston is now reporting that 98,000 federal government employees owe about $1 billion in back taxes. The problem is so bad that Sen. Scott Brown introduced a bill that would make it easier for the feds to collect back taxes FROM THE FEDS.  Hey, as hard as I would try to make this up, I couldn't. Oh, one more minor item. In 2010 (last year we have now), 36 White House staffers owed almost $900 million in back taxes (Investor's Business Daily)

  • And while we're on taxes, did you know, depending on what state you live in, tax freedom day for you is about April 17. That means the first 4 months that you work, all that money you earned, goes straight to Uncle Sam. You don't start seeing money in your pocket until after that date. And when do Canadians celebrate tax freedom day? About June 6. Why? Because their taxes are so friggin high.
  • I contend most Americans don't mind paying taxes if the government would only stop spending so foolishly and if the government would really do something about the fraud, waste and redundancy in government. As we just learned from the recent General Services Administration (GSA) scandal where they spend almost $900 grand of tax payer's money on a conference in Las Vegas that included over 6 grand on commemorative coins, 75 grand for a team bicycle building exercise and thousands of dollars on food, drink, hot tubs, mind-readers and clowns (no, Slo Joe Biden did not attend that conference. It was another clown).
  • For those who bashed Mitt Romney and his wife regarding working moms, when Romney was Governor of Mass., his Lt. Gov. was a woman. His chief of staff was a woman, Beth Myers. In fact, he just tapped her (no pun intended) to lead his vice-presidential selection committee.

  • And for those critics who bashed the NYPD for their surveillance of suspected Muslim terrorists, two suspected terrorists they busted went on trial this week. What were their plans?---only to attack Times Square, Grand Central Station, Penn Station and the NY Stock Exchange. They were trained in the use of rocket-launchers, AK-47's and small firearms at an al-Qaeda training camp. God bless the NYPD and Homeland Security. Yes, one more thing: thank you. NY Post
  • Below is an image of Congress. Now you know why we're in the shape we're in.