Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GSA, Secret Service, Justice---Dysfunctional Leadership or Systemic Problems or Both in Government Today?; GSA: A Culture of Fraud & Corruption; "Hope and Change" to "Blame and Shame;" Debt Now $5 Trillion More Under Obama; NFL Season Begins Today

Onion's "Politics" reports: "Democrats: Obama Has Dicked Us Around For Four Years; Now It's Our Turn" Most Democrats continue to tell pollsters they are undecided just for the fun of messing with the president's head.

  • After 35 years of managing small and large organizations, I think I know something about "systemic" problems in an organization, including recognizing dysfunctional organizations.  That's why all of these recent scandals in our government fascinate me. I also find them disturbing as we all should. We find out GSA spent hundreds of thousands of dollars partying on our dime. It appears some members of the Secret Service also partied on our dime (although it should not have been a surprise to anyone.  Professionals in the service of our country who put their lives on the line 24/7 have a tendency to party down on occasion. That's why "cop bars" and "firefighter bars" exist.  In fact, over ten years ago, U.S. News and World Report reported on the partying and heavy drinking  of agents in the Secret Service. However, in this case, it was a monumental lack of judgement in my opinion but not criminal. Those involved will most likely see their careers go down the drain anyway). It also appears the Department of Justice screwed up big time with the Fast and Furious operation (still under investigation). The list of systemic problems in government is endless. Do I blame  the Obama administration for these screwups? Some might find it surprising but I don't, at least not all of it. Systemic issues take years and sometimes decades to appear especially in an organization as vast as the federal government. But it's still up to leadership to set the tone that stuff like this will not be tolerated. In addition, it also depends on whom the leader surrounds himself/herself with. In the case of Pres. Obama, I've often said don't always focus on him as much as the people he chooses. Many of his choices have been questionable at best. Who can forget his appointment of Van Jones as czar of green energy, an open and avowed Communist? And that was just for starters (actually, for starters, it was Slo Joe Biden). And, as I've written about so often, I believe leadership is lacking in the highest levels of government today and that includes Congress and senior government officials. Really folks, when you think of Pelosi, Boehner, Reid, Rangel, Wasserman, Holder and so many other yo-yo's in government, does it give you any degree of confidence? (every single poll shows---you have almost zero). But if you're one of those who does, then you are getting the government you deserve.

  • While we're on government officials partying, there were reports and photos of Hillary Clinton also downing some beers at some bars in Columbia. I really don't have an issue with this. Why not? In fact, a writer to one of the national papers wrote, "She's whooping it up, probably thinking, 'I only have to be art of this colossal failure of an administration for seven more months.' I'd party too.'" I also think she probably thought if Bill were around, he'd probably be hooking up and partying with those Secret Service agents anyway.

  • By the way, talk about media bias. Many know that NPR was exposed last year for being stooges of the democrats by James O'Keefe, the same guy that busted ACORN. But NPR is still at it. Regarding the GSA scandal, they reported the scandal "is an embarrassment for the Obama administration, which has been promoting good governance." Good governance?  I guess they just can't help themselves as they continue to hit us up for more money every three minutes. It's a damn shame they behave this way, because I do like a lot of their reporting especially their reporting on world events. No one does it better in my opinion.

  • We've already heard a lot about GSA's Las Vegas $900,000 party but did you know these scoundrels also organized many, many other trips on taxpayer's money? Jeff Neely, the head of GSA, went at least 131 trips himself (sometimes taking his wife), many to exotic locations like Samoa, Hawaii, Palm Springs, Napa Valley and God knows where else (he went to Hawaii nine times). He managed to fit all of these trips into just over 3 years. Rep. Jeff Denham calls it a "culture of fraud." It was also very stupid. These numbnuts actually filmed videos of themselves acting like fools. Jeff Neely went even further. He had a photo of himself taken while in a hot tub during one of these trips.  USA TODAY/NY Post

  • I've written about this administration's use of diversions to deflect our attention away from their poor overall performance in the last three years. Well, they did it again. In the middle of these scandals breaking out this week, what do they do? Yesterday, they attacked oil speculators. They now are blaming them for the spike in oil prices (there is some truth in that). But it was yet another political stunt. As Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote today, "Hope and Change has become Blame and Shame."

  • For the first time in American history, the debt has surpassed $5 trillion under one president---Obama. In fact, with all of the criticism against Bush for increasing the debt, he didn't even reach $5 trillion after 8 years. NewsRoomAmerica
  • In the, "Did I Really Say That" file: First Lady Michelle Obama, commenting on the Travon Shooting, "There isn't a one-shot solution to this." OOOPs

  • Whether you know it or not, the NFL season officially started today with the publication of the 2012 NFL schedule. My Steelers appear to have a "light" schedule if one believes in such things. I contend it's still all about any given Sunday, Monday and Thursday. What is apparent---as usual---the Steelers are on prime time a lot---again. The networks know who butters their bread. They also open up their season on a Sunday night against Peyton Mannning's Broncos. The Patriots prime time schedule is also heavy with four.  The NFL has the forumula down pat for getting huge ratings.