Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obama Asks: How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?; RIP Dick Clark; Religion of Peace Update; One Bit of Advice To Government Workers: Always Pay The Hookers; UN Peace Keepers Speed Away After Hearing Gun Shots; Where's The Outrage Over This Murder

If nobody paid their taxes, imagine what the country would be like. America would be flat broke. Alright, we'd be more flat broke. Ferguson

  • A Tweeter world has gone ballistic in the last 24 hours. The Obama campaign thought they had a great issue with the story of Romney having his dog ride on top of his car during a family vacation some years ago. I never paid much attention to it for two reasons. One, dogs love to feel the wind streaming over their snozolas when riding in a car. So riding on top of a car must feel like they died and went to heaven. That's why we always see dogs sticking their heads out car windows or out of car sun roofs. The other reason is more practical. I lived in several areas of the country where dogs regularly were in the back of pick-up trucks. In other words, it was no big deal for me and I'm a huge dog lover. But the Obama campaign thought they had a issue. David Axelrod, Obama's strategist, thought he'd take advantage of this opportunity and Tweeted a caption of Obama and his dog, "How loving dog owners transport their dogs." But there was one slight problem. In his book, "Dreams From My Father," Obama admitted to eating dogs in Indonesia. Well, that's all the Tweet world needed. The response was volcanic with Tweets about Obama's eating dogs: "Beagles with cream cheese," "Eggs Rover easy,"Pugs in a blanket," and a whole host of great responses to Axelrod. So what's the lesson here: You probably shouldn't put your dog on top of your car. But you also shouldn't put your dog over rice.

  • After spending a portion of my young life in the Bronx, we moved to Philadelphia. I relate that because of the passing of Dick Clark yesterday. At the time, Clark's American Bandstand was in Philadelphia. And like most teenagers at the time, I couldn't wait to watch the show. In fact, the show put Philadelphia right in the forefront of the music culture scene at the time. All the great artists of the era appeared on that show. It was great TV for teenagers coming of age. And from all accounts, he was also a good and decent guy. RIP Dick Clark.

  • "Religion of Peace" Update: One of the stinking terrorist on trial in NY for planning to blow up several prime NYC targets admitted he didn't care if he killed innocent women, children or cops in the attack because it was justified "in Jihad."
  • While I'm on the Religion of Peace, it's now being reported that al-Qaeda is expanding to such lovely tourist destinations as Somalia, Tunisia, and Nigeria. In fact, anticipating this expansion, in 2004, the Bush administration created the U.S. Africa Command. The command has been helping in intercepting weapons and provides counter-terrorism training in that region.
  • These terrorists might know how to murder innocent people, but they can't be that smart. Mohammed Ashan, a Taliban commander, might be the dummest terrorist in the world. There was a bounty on him, a $100 reward. So what did he do? He turned himself in to collect the $100. When U.S. Army specialist Mathew Baker asked the dummy if that photo was of him, Ashan replied, "Yes, yes, that's me. Can I get my reward now?" We need to either kill or capture all these guys, because not only are they dangerous; they're also really, really stupid. Being both stupid and dangerous has only one outcome, and it's never good.

  • Oh, yes, one more thing. How effective is the UN? It was reported yesterday that Syrian forces shot protesters right under the noses of the blue helmets. In fact, when the UN "peace keepers" heard the gun shots, they sped off to safety. They appears to have a bad habit of doing that---a lot. USA TODAY
  • Dale McFeatter of the NY Post and his advice to government workers: "Be sure to remind them: Don't appear in any videos while on a government junket, and always pay the hookers." It's been reported that 3 Secret Service agents have already been fired. There will be more firings.
  • While on the Secret Service, Daily Caller is reporting Secret Service costs to protect Newt  is costing US taxpayers thousands a day. I've been saying this for weeks now: Newt, bow out and go away---please. You're an annoyance and you're wasting taxpayers a lot of money.
  • While first-time unemployment claims dipped by 2000 this week, first-time unemployment claims numbers were revised up from last week's numbers, from 380,000 to 388,000. And last week was a tick up over the previous few weeks.
  • You won't see this headline anywhere and you won't see the likes of Sharpie Sharpton either: "Black Nurse Murders Young  White Mother And  Steals Her Newborn." I only hear crickets chirping.
  • In case you missed the news, Romney has surged up 12 points in just the last few weeks in most major polls. In some polls, they are virtually tied. In other polls, Obama has only a slight edge and Gallup's tracking poll has Romney ahead 2 points. Right now, it appears the tide is turning in Romney's favor. The fact is Pres. Obama's last several weeks have been painful with the GSA and Secret Service scandals and the economy still teetering on the edge. 
  • I have good news to report: Read the image below.