Monday, May 7, 2012

4 More Years? Why?; Empty Seats Greet Obama; Slo Joe Biden Smacked Down; Attorney Panders to Terrorists; Obama Campaign Mostly White; France Makes Left-Hand Turn; Back-Lash Against NFL Hard Hitting

Well, as you know, Pres. Obama was in Afghanistan last week, as part of his big "Did I mention I killed bin-Laden?" tour...Leno

  • As Pres. Obama officially started his campaign tour (he actually started the day he was sworn in), I heard chants of "Four More Years!, Four More Years!." When I heard those mantras,  the first question that popped into my mind was: WHY? The second was: Are you people friggin insane?
  • While those chants were being heard greeting Pres. Obama in Ohio last Saturday, Pres. Obama was also greeted by something usually unheard of for any president: empty seats. Ohio media and Buzzfeed are reporting about 5,000 of 20,000 seats went unfilled at Ohio State University.

  • Slo Joe Biden was smacked down this week. That should surprise no one, because Biden is such a knucklehead. However, it was surprising considering it came from the main stream media. David Gregory of Meet the Press reminded Slo Joe and the viewers that Biden was one of the few who was against killing bin-Laden. Yet, two weeks ago, he implied that Romney would not have pulled the trigger for the operation.
  • As most now know, the trial for the Islamic terrorists and thugs who murdered almost 3000 on 9/11 started last week. But did you know their attorney, a Cheryl Bormann, made absolutely certain she didn't offend these murderers. She dressed in a black hijab, traditional Muslim head covering (she's not Muslim).  In fact, she's so stupid, she actually suggested other women in the courtroom do the same. Moreover, this American female attorney does not even know that it's difficult for Muslim women to become attorneys in the Arab world.  In addition, there are all kinds of civil rights restrictions on women in Muslim countries.  Even more disturbing, she made no mention of offending the 9/11 families.

  • If you recall, one of the reasons there was such an outcry against Eric Holder's decision to have this trial in lower Manhattan was because the smart among us knew the defendants would make it a circus. The Justice Department got the message and agreed it should be held at Gitmo.  Guess what? Last week, the defendants made every attempt to turn it into a circus.

  • About a month ago, it was reported that the Obama campaign's diversity among its staff was conspicuous by its absence (the shot above is of his Chicago campaign office courtesy of The Daily Caller). According to The Daily Caller, civil rights attorneys said Obama 2012 campaign managers may have violated employment law by hiring overwhelmingly white office staff in its Chicago campaign headquarters.
  • If you got up late today, you might have missed big news about the elections in France. Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy lost his re-election. Francois Hollande, a socialist won.  The only thing I will say regarding this outcome: say some prayers for the people of France. They are going to need it. Sarkozy is the 11th European head who has lost his job because of the economy.
  • USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of likely registered voters in 12 battleground states shows that Romney is behind Obama by only 2 points: 47 to 45%. In fact, Romney has gained 3 percentage points in this poll in the last week.
  • But keep in mind, because many forget: it's about electoral votes not popular votes. Just ask that fake, phony and fraud---Al Gore.
  • Memo to Occupy Wall Street: George Clooney is planning a May 10 fundraiser for Obama. If you want to attend, all you need to come up with is $40 grand.
  • Speaking of fundraisers for Pres. Obama, did you know he's had more fundraisers in the last 3 years than his six predecessors did in 35 years? NY Post
  • Last week, only about 119,000 jobs were created in April. Did you know that we need to create over 150,000 each month just to keep up with new people trying to enter the work force? Dept. of Labor
  • Watch the back-lash developing regarding hard hitting in the NFL because of the recent suicide of Junior Seau. In fact, it's already started. Right out of the huddle, concussions are being blamed. For example, last week, it was also reported that eight San Diego ball players have died since 1994. What many reporters failed to report is that most of them died from either accidents or natural causes. One died in a car accident. His blood alcohol level was 2 times the legal limit. Another died in a plane crash. Another died by lightening strike. A back-up center died from an overdose. And another died from complications of diabetes.
  • So within 10 years don't be surprised if the NFL go from this:

    To this:

    If you think I'm exaggerating, consider this. In less than 4 years, we went from this:

    To This: