Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Obama Diversion: The Gay Marriage Debate; Romney Leads Obama By 5 and by 10 Among Independents; Great Balls of Fire: More Underwear Bombers Busted; Cher Puts Progressive Talking Points Into One Tweet: An Amazing Feat By A Knucklehead; Obesity Plague

Obama Launches More Realistic "I Have Big Ideas, But We'll See How It Goes" Campaign Slogan... The Onion's Political Headline of the day

  • I've written several pieces on how the Obama campaign uses diversions to deflect and redirect attention from the president's many failed policies. They did it again this past weekend using Slo Joe Biden. In short, Biden said he is "absolutely comfortable" with gay marriage. In fact, several of Obama's chief staff have come out in support also. No major revelation with one exception, Pres. Obama. He's never come out and supported gay marriage directly. He's said his position is "evolving." (he knows how long evolution takes so he knows it can buy him some time). It's classic Obama---wants it both ways. It was his reputation in the Senate.  Meanwhile, the media was all over Slo Joe's Meet the Press statements. Meanwhile---we witnessed everyone taken in by another diversion. Meanwhile, I have a question: Can you run out of diversions?
  • The latest Gallup Poll shows the country is about split on gay marriage. 50% say it should be legal and 48% say it should not. The other 2%---who gives a sh!t. They are the same people who can never make up their minds.
  • Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll has Romney leading Obama 49 to 44%. That's outside the margin of error.
  • Also, in the George Washington University Battleground Poll just out, it's a horse race with Romney edging out Obama, 48-47%.  But among Independent voters, Romney has a 10-point lead over Obama.
  • One thing I'm confident about---Cher would not be pleased with the recent polls. She Tweeted this week the following: "If Romney gets elected I don't know if I can breathe same air as him and his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Woman Hating Tea Bagger Masters." You got to give her credit for one thing: she managed to put many of the progressive talking points into one Tweet. Twitchy

  • Let's give it up for the CIA and our other intelligence and security agencies. They busted another al-Qaeda plot. Once again, these murderous thugs were planning on taking out aircraft with a new type of bomb, another underwear bomb harder to detect.
  • Francois Holland, the newly elected president of France, plans on instituting a 75% tax on the rich.  He also wants to spend more and borrow more. Mark my words, if he does that, watch the rich start fleeing France. Only the stupid rich will stay behind.

  • Bottom line for the European Union: they've placed themselves in a corner with high taxes and huge debt loads. Sound familiar?

  • The CDC is predicting that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030. It's at about 36% now. Does this claim really surprise anyone? Americans are inundated with food from fast food restaurants to food shows on TV to no-talent chefs becoming celebrities. In addition, many of our school children now receive 3 meals a day in school. Add to all of that, children are much more sedentary now. They've left the ball fields to sit behind a computer screen for hours. No surprise here. I've never seen so many people with plumber-cracks in my life as I've seen in just the last 5 years.