Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Slo Joe Biden's Diversion Blunder; Tea Party Alive and Well; Cleveland Five Plotters Were From Occupy; More Props To The CIA; Prisoner Almost Beats Obama in W. Virginia

Joe Biden said the sitcom "Will & Grace" made America more comfortable with gay people. Biden also said the sitcom character Urkel made America more comfortable with President Obama...Conan

  • I've often written about the Obama campaign's diversionary tactics. To some degree, they work. They deflect the public and the media from the Obama administration's failed policies. However, leave it up to Slo Joe Biden to screw up a wet dream. It now appears his diversionary comments regarding same-sex marriage backfired (as did the administration's attacks on other issues). Yesterday, major democratic strategists starting ripping the Obama campaign regarding Obama's "evolving" position on gay marriage. "He should man up and say, 'This is what I believe,'" said Ed Rendell on MSNBC. Robert Zimmerman, a DNC member, said, "It's long past due for the president to stop evolving and start leading on the defining civil rights issue of today." (Gee, they just discovered this president lacks leadership?). Even James Carville, Clinton's guru, told the Democrats on CNN they need to wake up.
  • As I've written on many occasions, this president lack leadership skills because he wants to play both sides of many key issues. He's also making every decision based on politics instead of any real core beliefs . He'll most likely support same-sex marriage if he's re-elected. Recall what he said to the former president of Russia several weeks ago on an open-mic. He asked Russia's president for "space." He said he'll have more "flexibility" after the election. He and the Democrats have also put the plethora of funding problems associated with Medicaid and Medicare in the parking lot either leaving it for a second term {God forbid} or leaving it for Romney to deal with. And few, if any, Democrats even mention our unsustainable debt now approaching $16 trillion.
  • As I wrote yesterday, how many diversions does this administration have left? At this rate, they should run out before the summer campaign season. Then what?

  • Delicious irony: Yesterday N. Carolina voted to ban same-sex marriage. Democrats will be holding their convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • How often have we heard the main stream media question whether the Tea Party is alive and well? Anyone whose followed the Tea Party knows it is thriving. They've been integrated into the political system unlike the misfits, thugs, felons and cowards of Occupy Wall Street.  And why do I make that statement with such a high degree of confidence? Yesterday, Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party candidate, whooped long-term Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana.

  • While I'm on Occupy Wall Street, it now appears certain the five domestic terrorists caught trying to blow up the bridge outside Cleveland last week were either Occupy members or sympathizers. As Rich Lowry wrote in the NY Post today, "The Cleveland Five are the pathetic sons of Occupy---rootless, underemployed, drunk on sophomoric radicalism..." By the way, Lowry also points out if the five were from the right, everyone in America would know their name by now.
  • It's now being reported the man who al-Qaeda hoped would carry out a plot to blow up aircraft headed for the United States is a CIA mole. He's a double-agent and helped us prevent another al-Qaeda attack. And many anti-terrorism experts agree the new type of bomb that would have been used is almost undetectable. In other words, we dodged another bullet.
  • Having said this, there are critics. Once again, many are asking why this information was released to the public.

  • You probably never heard of Keith Judd. Not many people have. That's his photo above. He's a prisoner in W. Virginia. He ran against Pres. Obama in the W. Virginia primary and got 4 out of 10 votes. For those who went to public school---that's 40%. The White House cannot be happy with this outcome. In fact, W. Virginians are very angry at the Obama administration for its anti-energy policies toward the state which is rich in coal mines. Current Gallup Poll numbers show Obama's approval rating in W. Virginia is a whopping 32.7%. And this must be disturbing for Democrats considering W. Virginia has been a blue state for years.