Friday, May 25, 2012

Obama: Bain Bad But Their Money is Good; Obama's Many Stumbles; Zuckerberg Might Be The Real Zucker; The Bogus Deficit Numbers; Memorial Day's Real Meaning

Today Romney met with a group of wealthy Latinos. Or as Romney calls them, "The Juan Percent."...Fallon

  • As the president and his knee-pad suck-ups continue to bash Bain Capital, there is one thing they do like about Bain---their money. Politicker is reporting today the Obama campaign said it will be keeping Bain Capital's political contribution to its campaign. I really have to wonder how many Americans will continue to fall for this nonsense. And what strikes me as even more disturbing, anywhere from 43-48% of Americans still support this administration. To say they are delusional is an understatement. I think the image above says it all.

  • One thing is certain. Obama's campaign is off to a very shaky start. Even the Politico had to admit it this week in their piece entitled, "Obama Stumbles Out of the Gate." They point to lower than expected fundraising and in-fighting among Democrats (as evidenced by many leading Democrats criticism of the campaign's attacks on Bain). According to the article, many Dems are also questioning the campaign's strategy. Democrats are also "dismayed watching Obama become a divider not a uniter..." (Talk about delusional? Since when was Obama a uniter?). In addition, but not mentioned in this piece, are the low turnouts to his campaign speeches. I also suspect Obama's hanging around with the Hollywood crowd has not helped much other than fattening his campaign wallet. Politico didn't even notice it in this article---they listed many reasons why Obama should not be re-elected.
  • And all of this comes on the heels of Obama almost losing the W. VA. primary to a guy who is in prison.  Just as disturbing must be the very poor showings last week in the Arkansas and Kentucky primaries. It's true these states probably will not go for Obama anyway, but they are historically Democrat strongholds.
  • "Recession is Over News"...HP announced it plans on laying off 27,000 employees or 8% of their workforce.

  • And from USA TODAY: "The typical American household would have paid nearly all of its income in taxes last year to balance the budget if the government used standard accounting practices." In other words, our deficit is really much larger. Just examining federal debt and retiree commitments---they ALONE equal $561,254 PER HOUSEHOLD.
  • Weekly applications for jobless benefits came in at 370,000. Folks, that 370,000 A WEEK.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, founder of FB, is a big supporter of Dems and the Obama administration. Leaves me wondering how he feels now considering the feds will be investigating FB's IPO.
  • "Question just popped into my mind moment"---since when did all these cooks become chefs anyway? Just askin'.

  • Romney came to Philadelphia yesterday. Typical of the city's largely Democrat demographic, they bashed Romney. Now consider this. The bashing came from a city that's mired in high murder rates, a school system that's collapsed and years of failed Democrat leadership. That does not include also being one of the filthiest cities in America (I know. I lived there for a good part of my life. Yes, there are many parts of Philly that are great places to visit. But many of the neighborhoods remain rat-infested hell holes. The image above is unfortunately not only typical of many Philadelphia neighborhoods, it's typical of many neighborhoods in largely Democrat controlled cities today). I have a feeling Romney left Philadelphia feeling just fine.
  • Earlier this week, I took a shot at how the Kennedy men have mistreated women. Andrea Peyser of the NY Post wrote it best yesterday when she ended her piece {"The Curse of Marrying a Kennedy'}---"What an awful fate to be born into a clan infamous for savaging women."

I know the dumb politics of everyday life can distract many of us from what is important about America, but let's never forget what we're all about on this Memorial Day weekend. While we have to tolerate many of the dumb bastards in Congress, we've been blessed by having a long history of heroic men and women who have given their lives to defend this greatest nation on God's green earth. Let's all give that some thought before we chow down on those hamburgers and hot dogs this weekend.

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