Thursday, June 14, 2012

Economy: There is No Recovery; Romney Leads In Wisconsin; Unions Are Backing An Anti-Semitic Prick; Facts About Fast and Furious; Lance Armstrong; Madonna Mooned Her Audience; Fly Our Flag Today

Pundits are saying that Pres. Obama is starting to lose support among his own party. To give you some idea how bad its gotten, today Jimmy Carter compared him to Jimmy Carter...Leno

  • As weekly first-time unemployment claims rose yet again last week by 6,000 to 386,000 (and it will be revised up in a few days as it has been about 98% of the time in the last 60 months), it's become obvious---even to many Democrats now---that there is no recovery. Even Carville came out yesterday and basically told Obama in no uncertain terms: stop saying the economy is growing.

  • But the president doesn't appear to be getting the message. As referenced in yesterday's post, he blamed the previous administration again. He likened it to going to dinner with some friends and as the the huge bill arrives, they stick you will the tab. He failed to mention several facts. Democrats took control of the nation's purse strings in 2006. He was in Congress at the time. Democrats still controlled Congress during his first two years in office ( Democrats Pelosi was House Speaker and Harry Reid's been Senate majority leader since 2007. In fact, 30 jobs bills have been stalled in Reid's controlled Senate for over 2 years after being passed by the Republican controlled House).

  • So when Pres. Obama says Republicans stuck him with the bill, he's not telling the truth. He actually stuck himself with the bill. And what kind of bill will he be leaving for Romney if Romney gets elected?
  • "Worried Obama Backers Push Donors To Step It Up." (AP). That headline says it all. It also shows why Pres. Obama keeps attending all of these fundraisers (after his speech on the economy today, he'll be attending a fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker's place in Manhattan followed by another fundraiser at The Plaza in Manhattan). Dems are also worried that he just might lose.
  • And if that's not enough bad news for the Obama campaign, Rasmussen is reporting today that Romney is leading Obama in WISCONSIN of all places, 47-44%. And that poll is of "likely voters" not registered voters ("Likely Voter" polls tend to be more accurate). That news has to really worry the Obama campaign.

  • If, as most polls are now showing, Americans feel the country is going in the wrong direction---why then would anyone vote for Obama?
  • You probably never heard of Charles Barron. He's a scumbag and Democrat running for Congress in Brooklyn. He's aligned himself with anti-Semitic hate groups. He even called Gaza a "death camp" and called the Israel government "the biggest terrorist in the world."  But all of that does not stop his getting union support. AFSCME---a powerful federal union---is planning to support this bum. Oh, yes, one more thing. Barron praised Khadafy when that prick was in power. NY Post

  • Did you know that the agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive objected to "Fast and Furious?" They did.  Did you know that Eric Holder is refusing to turn over more documents to Congress? He has.  Did you know that a just-discovered wiretap application made it clear that top senior staff Justice officials approved the tactics of Fast and Furious? They did. So why is he still Attorney General of the U.S.---the highest law enforcement officer in the country?
  • There is no doubt that Lance Armstrong has done many good things when it comes to Cancer awareness. But if he cheated when he was racing, he needs to face the consequences. In addition, he asked for the investigation.

  • I guess flashing her nipple was just not enough for Madonna, she followed that up with mooning her audience in Rome on Tuesday. I don't have much to say except: nice friggin ass.
  • Regarding that principal in NY City who put the kibosh to students, "God Bless the USA," Cronin Miller wrote this letter the editor in the NY Post today: "...It's because of the brave men and women who gave life and limb fighting to keep us free that Hawkins {the principal} is able to act like the ungrateful, disrespectful and arrogant person she is."

  • So as a reminder to that ungrateful knucklehead, it's my pleasure to remind everyone it's flag day today. Our flag is 235 years old today. Fly it proudly.