Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Commander and Whiner; It's The Messenger, Stupid; Romney Needs To Open Up; Joy Behar Wants Romney's House to Burn Down; Will Holder Go Down?

Authorities said today they've ordered a psychiatric evaluation...Not for Lindsay ---for the idiot who rented her a Porsche (for those who don't know, Lohan crashed a rented Porsche into an 18 wheeler last week)...Leno

  • If there's one thing Americans do not like to see in their leaders, it's whining. And Obama does a lot of it. In Philadelphia yesterday ( a week when he's had more than 6 fundraising events and will end up at Sarah Jessica's apartment in Manhattan) he whined---YET AGAIN--- about what he "inherited." It's not only his critics who are getting tired of the whining, blaming and complaining; it's irritating many Democrats now. It's not low-level dems either. It's those who have power. In the last two weeks, we've seen criticism coming from Bill Clinton, Ed Rendell and many others. Politico is now reporting even James Carville, one of the architects of Clinton's campaign and the one who proclaimed at the time---"It's the economy, stupid"--- is very critical of Obama's messages. He points out correctly that the voters are not convinced we are going in the right direction (as evidenced by every poll to date). And as I wrote yesterday, when household net worth tanked by almost 40% in just the last 3 years, it makes for a very unhappy electorate.

  • Having said all of this, I still find Obama's poll numbers amazing. Yes, they've been slipping. Yet, his poll numbers are still relatively strong for a president who has done a really poor job---in the opinion of many. His numbers still hover around 43-47%. The lessons I take away from these numbers: 1-Republicans can't get too cocky and 2-It's amazing how many stupid and delusional people there are out there.
  • But there is one major reality that is not in Obama's favor right now in my opinion. In 2008, many voted for him, but knew little about him. They decided to give this new guy a shot. The problem he now has is a "record" that's increasingly difficult to run on. Now many Americans have a clearer picture of what this man is all about. It's not 2008 all over again. This is really a new ball game.
  • Foreign countries also appear to be getting a better snap shot of our president. The BBC reported today his ratings internationally are tanking.

  • However, although I agree with Carville, I have at least one issue with what he said. It's not only the "message" that's the problem---it's also the messenger. For example, last week's gaffe is a classic. With high unemployment and very weak economy, you don't say the private sector is doing fine. And, at the same time, say you want to spend more money on the public sector.
  • Earlier this week, the labor department reported that more than 7 in 10 teenagers (16-19 year olds cannot find summer jobs. It's the lowest level since World War II (yet another Obama administration accomplishment)
  • AP is also reporting the U.S. federal deficit is approaching $1 trillion for the fourth straight year.

  • I also have a hunch why Romney is gaining. In addition to the failures of the Obama administration's policies, they see a man who does not bellyache and grumble all the time. Having said that, Romney needs to come out forcefully and start letting the American people know more about what his policies will be. Right now, most Americans don't know much about what his plans are for the country. However, his campaign has done a good job of responding to Obama campaign attack ads. To date, none have stuck. That's a good sign for the Romney campaign.
  • Yesterday, Pres. Obama took a shot at the Romney campaign saying you can put their campaign on a Tweet and still have characters to spare. I would answer back: that's because they make more sense in a few characters than you've done in the last 3 years.

  • Speaking about Romney, Joy Behar (one of the yentas on the view) said yesterday she'd like to see Romney's house burn down. One more bit of breaking news,  in case you have not heard yet, she's replaced Keith Olberman on Al Gore's network, Current TV. That should ensure the network's ratings continue to tank. Have you noticed how the lunatics love sticking together?

  • Although it appears Eric Holder is sticking to his guns about not resigning, it does not look good for the man who never met a terrorist he didn't like. The heat was turned up on him yesterday. And now, it's not only about Fast and Furious; it's about the national security leaks coming from somewhere on Capitol Hill or the White House. The clock is ticking.
  • Sometimes even the knee-pad media has a burst of reason. In a USA TODAY editorial about Egypt , Dennis Ross wrote today, "But the euphoria over the Arab Spring was always misplaced and unrealistic." He must be reading my "Myth of the Arab Spring" updates.

  • JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Dimon will be testifying in front of a Senate panel regarding the $2 billion trading blunder the company experienced several weeks ago. But don't hold your breath. The NY Post is reporting today that all the senators---Republicans and Demcrats---sitting on the committee have received a total of $7.9 million in campaign contributions from Dimon's bank. Sen. Schumer received almost $6 million, Shelby about $2.5 million and Menendez $2.3 million. And we wonder why little gets done in Congress? That, in a nutshell, is what's wrong with Congress.