Tuesday, June 12, 2012

American Families' Wealth Down 39%; We're Watching A Slow-Motion Car Wreck; Yes, The Dingo Did Eat Her Baby; 25 Years Ago Reagan Put It To The Ruskies

Remember when Obama was campaigning? Didn't he say he was going to close Guantanamo Bay? Apparently, he just meant for renovations...Leno

  • Here at PWZ for more than 3 years now, I've been trying to convince readers that the news coming out about the economy from the White House and the knee-pad media has not been accurate. In fact, on many occasions, we've heard outright lies.  As USA TODAY reports should it be a surprise to anyone that American families lost 39% of their wealth from 2007 to 2010 (the news for 2012 has not been fully vetted yet, but early data shows that incomes have started to slide yet again)? In fact, median household net worth has fallen to 1992 levels. In effect, all the gains of the 1990's and post-2000 have been wiped out. In fact, household net worth peaked in 2007 (Gee, who was present then?) right before the housing bust. The Fed estimates Americans lost $7 trillion in home equity during this period. In addition, after the 2000 recession, family incomes were fully restored in 18 months (and that was after the world's finance center was hit on 9/11). Well, we now know Obama didn't lie about one thing: Change.  But hope left town a long time ago (probably to help Obama slow the rise of oceans and heal the planet).

  • In addition to the many promises broken, we now know that the almost trillion dollars in stimulus money went to state governments to help prevent layoffs of public employees, including teachers. But what did the private sector get? Very little, hence the continued high unemployment (and one of the reasons the president was hammered last week for saying the private sector was doing fine). And if you recall, instead of focusing on the economy in his first year in office (when unemployment reached 10.1%), the administration decided to target health care legislation. Considering his party had full control of government in his first two years in office, he could have easily targeted the economy, but failed to do so (there were not enough Republican votes to stop him. So much for Republican obstructionism).
  • Investors Business Daily is now reporting that private-sector jobs are down almost 5 million since January of 2008. But government jobs rose by a 1/2 million. In fact, federal government employment is actually up since January of 2008. Wow!!! How did Pres. Obama get it so wrong?

  • And it certainly does not help the administration when their usual knee-pad media supporters have to admit the Obama administration and campaign are in a world of sh!t. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post and a big-time Obama suck-up even had to admit yesterday the Obama administration is like a car wreck. Memo to Milbank: the car wrecked in January of 2008, right out of the gate.

  • Can you imagine the uproar we would have today in the knee-pad media and Congressional Democrats if a Republican were in the White House and his Attorney General failed to produce subpoenaed documents for a Congressional committee as Eric Holder has done? Oh, wait a minute. We do know.  Aleberto Gonzales, AG under Bush 1, was hammered for almost two years with accusations that he improperly fired some U.S. attorneys. And, if you recall, the Bush administration was taken to task for some alleged leaks outing Valerie Plame where no one died. Yet,  when a federal agent was killed because of the incompetence of Eric Holder's "Fast and Furious" gun operation (guns sold to Mexican Cartels and then the Justice Department lost track of those guns), he still gets to hold his job.
  • Did you know the Commerce Department is actually considering naming Arab-Americans as a "socially or economically disadvantaged group?" And they want to do this even, as reported by National Review this week, Arab-Americans have incomes, on average, 10-20% higher than the national median. As a group, 45% also have a college degree compared to 28% of Americans. There's something fishy going on here.

  • Yesterday, we reported about Barbara Walters helping the former aid of Syria's murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad. With the apparent help of Walters, Sheherazad Jaafari got into Columbia University (Keep this in mind. Walters actually helped a person who spent the past year advising Assad on how to lie about civilian massacres in Syria. In fact, in emails recommending Jaafari, Walters actually heaped praise on her referring to her as "dear girl" and "brilliant"). Well, it appears there are more problems---not for Walters surprisingly---but for Ms. Jaafari. Human rights groups want her to get the boot out of Columbia. By the way, I can't help it, but can you imagine if a Conservative journalist had done this. It would be front page news across the country for days.
  • And yes, the dingo did eat her baby.

  • Today is the 25 anniversary of one of the greatest moments in American and world history. Twenty-five years ago today, Pres. Ronald Reagan---standing at the Brandenburg Gate--- told the Russians to "tear down this wall," referring to the Berlin Wall.  It was at that very moment, the Soviets began pi$$ing in their pants. Hooah!!! God, we can use someone like Reagan right now.
  • Hey, but all is not lost. We still have this guy below: