Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Political Social Media Gives Ordinary Citizens An Effective Weapon In Defending Truth (+ Unveiling Lies)

John Kerry is concerned that the Russian tanks idling in Ukraine is causing global warming and suggested they keep moving through Europe...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • The role of social media in in our lives and in politics today is enormous. Earlier this week, the WSJ reported that Millennials spend up to 18 hours a day using some form of media. In 2008, one can argue that social media played a huge role in the election of Pres. Obama. The irony comes into play when one also realizes social media is also playing a huge role in exposing the lies and deceit of the political class in America. No where was this more evident than in the exposition of the lies associated with Obamacare in the last four years.  As a result,  one can also make the argument social media is responsible for Pres. Obama's poor poll numbers in almost every measurable category of late.
  • In many ways, social media is the "alarm and muster" system of the modern age in America. "Alarm and muster" was a system devised by the colonists in the early 1770's to serve as widespread notification system. It enabled colonists to quickly deploy local militia in response to emergencies or the approaching British troops.
  • Social media serves the same purpose today. We've seen protesters use this media in response to despotic government actions in recent years, e.g. Iran, Syria, Ukraine among many others.
  • We've also seen it play a major role in Constitutional Republics like our own. Petitions have gone digital. Social and political activism has exploded online in recent years, e.g. Tea Party, OWS, etc. Donations to specific political parties have been made much easier  with politicians raising millions in a matter of a few days or weeks.

  • And while the outcome of the use of social media can be both good and bad, in today's divisive and often corrupt political climate---it helps create more awareness of the truth and where to find it (if one is so inclined). When many of us were younger, our sources of news was generally limited to three network TV stations and our local newspapers. Today's technology enables citizens to search a myriad of alternative news sources.
  • I often wonder what America would be like if colonists like Revere and Prescott had access to social media rather than to just their horses. While the outcome might have been the same, the British might have been overwhelmed sooner. But that's just my conjecture. 
  • What I do know is this. The use of social media by the people has evolved into an invaluable tool in unveiling the lies and deceptions of the political class and the main stream media. And I know somewhere---Thomas Paine is smiling.