Monday, March 17, 2014

Progressive Ideology Relies on Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Arrogance And Reforming Their Own Blunders

I'd like to thank a majority of news correspondents for sitting here silently month after month through dozens of scandals.  I love you. Tweet by Jay Carnie

  • "Ideologues will sacrifice anything to ideology...even children, " noted conservative columnist Michelle Malkin recently.
  • Ideologues take up space on both sides of the political isle. However, there is an exception. Progressive ideologues rely on intolerance, bigotry, deceit and constantly trying to reform their own blunders.
  • No where has this been more conspicuous than the progressive's war on poor children. From NYC to Washington, D.C., charter schools have been attacked by these vicious ideologues. Their hypocrisy also knows no bounds. For example, NYC Mayor de Blasio has been waging this very same war in his city yet he received the same type of education when he was growing up. Pres. Obama himself tried to crush the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, a program that gives children of the poor a shot at attending schools they otherwise could not afford. Last year, Eric Holder was charged with trying to stop the Louisiana school-choice program. Similar to the DC program, poor children are given scholarship to attend better schools than the failing public schools many now attend. Holder's DOJ is still having the feds review the program.
  • And this twisted ideology is not specific to the education of our children. We saw the same reaction from progressives just last month after the Congressional Budget Office reported that Obamacare would reduce the number of hours Americans work. The reaction from progressives? That's a good thing.  At the time, Nancy Pelosi actually said, "This was one of the goals of {Obamacare} to give people life, a healthy life, liberty to pursue their happiness." Michael Goodwin of the NY Post responded to Pelosi's absurd observation with this: "America now has a government that views work as a trap and celebrates those who escape it."
  • We've also witnessed progressives using identity politics as a weapon. During the last two campaigns, they made the ridiculous charges that Republicans did not like women, the poor, gays and minorities.  Just recently, Nancy Pelosi declared that Republicans want the poor to go hungry and member of the Black Congressional Caucus accused Paul Ryan of racism (keep in mind, these are many of the same members of the Black Congressional Caucus who praised Castro's policies several years ago. In fact, these are many of the same people---including their ideological peers---who knelt at the alter of Che and Hugo Chavez, both had the blood of innocents on their hands).
  • Much of the progressive attitude has to do with enriching their own coffers. How often have we witness the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson profiting from their own divisiveness and intolerance? To often to count. 

  • Their proclamations regarding everyone having to pay their fair share (usually only the wealthy in their eyes) also illustrates the use of the politics of envy as a political weapon---and it often works.
  • But even more disturbing are the poor and disenfranchised people that have to live in wake of failed progressive policies. As reported in Forbes recently, most of the most dangerous and poorest cities in America have been under Democrat (largely progressives) rule for decades.
  • Unfortunately, as I've also written in the past, many of these same people have chosen to waltz with the devil.