Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As Our Domestic + Foreign Policy Fall Into Chaos, The Media Obsesses About Obama's NCAA Brackets

John Kerry Poses As Masseuse To Get A Few Minutes With Putin...The Onion

  • I was wondering how embarrassing it is for the United States to have as the faces of its foreign policy J.F.Kerry, Slo Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. But just as disturbing, our media's behavior manages to even trump those as it obsesses about Pres. Obama's NCAA bracket picks.
  • Putin and other thugs have been watching this nonsense for the last five year. In fact, our stature on the globe has been so degraded,  Putin was able to annex an entire country before Pres. Obama even completed a round of golf.
  • We're witness to an era when our domestic policy disasters are now merging into foreign policy disasters as well. Iran continues to obtain those particulars it needs to develop its nuclear missile capabilities in violation of previous agreements. In Syria, the rebels are losing as the Assad regime continues to maintain many of its chemical weapons. John F. Kerry's diplomatic trips to the Middle East end with squat as we continue to blame Israel for any failures in resolving the Palestinian "question." 
  • And in the middle of this chaos, including al-Qaeda still waging its terrorism, the administration decides to cut our military to levels not seen prior to WWII. Even Russian dissident Gary Kasparov had to chime in with: "Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill." 
  • As I've written in the past, the Obama administration is tougher on American citizens than it is against geo-political thugs like Putin, Assad and others. He's sicced the IRS against conservative American citizens. He's sicced Holder's DOJ against faith-based organizations and he's even defied his own law in Obamacare. And by doing so, many Constitutional scholars claim the administration has also defied the Constitution of the United States.
  • To paraphrase Peggy Noonan, Obama is everywhere but nowhere. At least the stupids can take some comfort in knowing Obama's NCAA picks.