Thursday, February 4, 2016

Obama's Pathological Disdain For Anyone Critical Of The "Religion of Peace."

President Obama lectured the country from an Islamic mosque in hopes of teaching religious tolerance, especially to those bitter-clinger types...WH Press Secretary (satire)

Yesterday, Pres. Obama visited a Mosque in Baltimore. Personally, I don't have a problem with his addressing Muslims at a Mosque. However the choice of this particular Mosque is disturbing. It  had at least one member who plotted terrorism against Americans. In fact, it's been under surveillance by the FBI since 2010. In addition, in his speech, he perpetuated a long standing myth---the myth of Islamophobia.  According to FBI data, crimes religious attacks against Jews far outnumber attacks against Muslims in America by 4-1.

While Mr. Obama lectures us on religious tolerance, his inattention to the persecution of Christians and Jews is truly disturbing. Last year, Kristen Powers, writing in USA TODAY, noted Obama's disinterest in the suffering of Christians in Iraq.  Also last year, Obama met with Muslims in Malaysia but failed to meet with representatives of persecuted Christians.

Unless you read the foreign press----especially the Israeli press----you wouldn't know the obscene number of attacks against Israelis by Palestinians in just the last several months. Israelis have been stabbed, shot and even mowed down by vehicles operated by Palestinian terrorists. And these attacks don't even include the thousands of rockets that have fallen upon Israel in the last decade. Just last week, Palestinian President Abbas' advisor justified the "right" to spill innocent blood.   Yet. the Obama administration remains largely silent regarding these acts of terror against Israel. (The IDF---The Israeli Defense Force---reports on these attacks daily. They can be accessed on Twitter by simply keywording "IDF").

The Obama administration is not alone in its sins of omission.  Our own media fails to report on many of these terror attacks. For example, I've often wondered how many Americans know that there have been almost 28,000 terror attacks globally since 9/11 alone? How many American know in just the last 30 days almost 1,500 people have been killed in 125 attacks? How many know that in addition to religious attacks,  gays and women are murdered on a regular basis by Islamists?\

Europe is also a hot bed of violence against Jews and women. In France,  1 in 10 Jews have been physically attacked where over 50% of Muslims hold anti-Semitic views. Frontpage Magazine. Just a few months ago, news broke of gangs of Muslim men who roamed streets of Cologne, Germany, attacking over 100 women.

It's become increasingly clear tolerance for the Obama administration has always been a one-way street---a pathological disdain for anyone who is critical of the "Religion of Peace."