Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Democrats Have To Choose Between Two Toxic Candidates

Bill Clinton needs to get off the campaign trail. He's starting to look like Bernie Sanders father...Tweet by Mark Simone, Radio/TV personality

Last week, I wrote a piece about Bernie Sanders and his conspicuous Marxist background.  Describing him as a progressive is actually an understatement. He stepped over the line into Marxism decades ago.

And then there's Hillary Clinton. What hasn't been said about her legacy of dishonesty and unethical behavior?  I once summarized  her legacy as being more stained than Monica's blue dress. (Feel free to research the archives in this blog for my on-going criticism of her noxious legacy).

So out of a country of over 320M people, it's these two Democrats are serving up to their constituents?   Whatever  disapproval is of the Republican candidates (and I've taken them all to task), none come close to what Clinton and Sanders have to offer. Even more disturbing, they have nothing good to offer up to the nation. Nothing.

In just the last eight years of the progressive political class, we're left with terrorism running rampant across the globe,  Iran, N. Korea, China and Russia continuing to flip us the bird, national debt mounting by the second, an economy still in "recovery" and America's influence, strength and prestige  continuing to be damaged across the globe.  The fact is from the economy to foreign policy the progressive political class has no idea what it's doing.  More concerning? They can't even come up with any new ideas.

The only things progressive are good at is to blame, be vindictive, shove aside the Constitution, and whine about everything. With Democrat,  it's even more disturbing considering truth and facts have never been a part of their core values.

In his last State of the Union address, Pres. Obama said, "The shadow of crisis has passed."  How can anyone believe an administration that proclaims such a bold faced lie? Well, there remain millions of Americans who still support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Go figure.