Monday, April 14, 2014

Republicans: Why Are You So Scared Of Someone As Incompetent As Hillary Clinton?

Hillary knows she's not through answering for Benghazi. She's always been waiting for the other shoe to drop...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • Allow me to take you back to about 2006 & 2007. At the time, all we heard from Democrats, the media and even many Republicans was: Hillary was a shoe in (pun intended).  No one can beat her. She paid her dues by supporting her philandering husband, and now (2008) was her time. She had already been cloaked in bubble wrap by the media. The media bandwagons encircled her to deflect any incoming from political opponents. After all, who were the adversaries in her own party? Slo Joe Biden? He dropped out in January of 2008 because he bombed in Iowa. Ditto Chris Todd. Ditto John Edwards. Ditto Dennis Kucinich. You get the picture.
  • But a ball flew out of left field. His name was Barack Obama or to quote the most miserable prick in the Senate, Harry Reid, at the time:  a "light skinned" African-American with "no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." The rest is history
  • And that outcome should not have surprised anyone. Democrats have a history of electing or supporting candidates that just magically appear on the scene. It happened with Jimmy Carter in 1976 and with Bill Clinton in 1992. In fact, more establishment Democrats like Al Gore and John F. Kerry generally don't cross the finish line.
  • And one can now argue that Hillary Clinton is entrenched in the Democrat political establishment. In addition, she's had few, if any, successes either as the senator from New York State and as the former Secretary of State. In fact, she even failed miserably when her husband charged her with developing an Obamacare like health program in 1992.  The truth is her record of accomplishment is conspicuous by its absence. Her only accomplishment has been her unique ability to carry coat tails. Other than that, only the knee-pad media and her die-hard political supporters believe in her. Her record, on the other hand, is a disaster as evidenced by the Benghazi scandal. She couldn't even wake up to take the 3 a.m. phone call.
  • Of course, I'm not that naive. She'll have a good shot at the presidency for several reasons. The most important reason being money raised. She'll raise millions. She already has. And even with her monumental failures, she does have wide name recognition. Of course, the presstitutes in the media will continue cloaking her in bubble wrap. And she still has solid support from progressive women.
  • But when she starts her run (if she does), you'll know she'll have one name in the back of her mind...Barack Obama.