Tuesday, April 15, 2014

As Islamists Continue To Stack One Body On Another, Our Media Remains Largely Silent

"If Islam is a 'religion of peace,' it's time to show the evidence to the endangered Christians of the Middle East." Ralph Peters

Yesterday in Nigeria, Islamists blew up a bus station where at least 71 people were killed (fatalities likely to be higher). In the blast, 16 buses were destroyed and at least 25 vehicles. As of this writing, over 125 people were injured, many severely. Yet hardly a mention in our media as CNN continues reporting on pings and debris for over a month now.

In the past, I've written about the virtual silence and white noise from our media, administration and even most of Congress when it comes to Islamists literally murdering Christians and others throughout the globe. Last year, I was particularly incensed when the Indonesian government actually freed several terrorists who had kidnapped and beheaded three Catholic school girls. Along with one of the severed heads, the scumbags left this note: "We will murder 100 or more Christian teenagers and their heads will be presented as presents."

Since 9/11/01, Islamists have carried out more than 22,700 terror attacks.  Last week alone, there were over 50 attacks that resulted in 594 dead and 582 critically injured (meaning man of those have probably already died)...from the Religion of Peace.com. And I guarantee you that most Americans are not aware of most of these attacks largely due to the absence of reporting by our own press. But let Kim Kardasian flash her big, fat ass and the press is all over it.

So it's time to take a moment to report on a fraction of the terror attacks and Islamists terror news. Most of these reports come from the foreign press not our media.

  • Turkey recently announced plans to build a special prison for gays.  Hurriyet Daily News
  • Islamists in Bangladesh announced that Atheists will not be allowed to live in the country. Dhaka Tribune
  • An Islamists preacher in Australia prayed for the slaughter of Hindus and Buddhists. Middle East Research Institute
  • Thousands of British school girls have been victimized by Muslim gangs. Gatestone Institute.
  • An Imam and three accomplices were arrested for gang raping a 12 year-old girl. The Nation
  • Europe is becoming a breeding ground for Islamists terrorists entering Syria. Tokyo Times
  • Some of the "freedom fighters" who are at war in Syria and whom Pres. Obama and PM wanted to help have now been reclassified as "the biggest threat to Britain's security." It is believed from 200-400 are now back in Britain. MI5 British Security
  • Taliban kidnapped about 100 men in a Pakistani village. Forty were released but negotiations are on-going for the rest of those still being held.  Times Of India
  • Boko Haram, an Islamists terror group in Nigeria, murdered over 1000 Christians since 2009. International Christian Concern.
  • Last Easter Week, Islamists in Nigeria attacked a village and murdered 80 Christians many of them children. Voice of America
  • In 2010, the Afghan government ordered the destruction of the last Christian church in the country. Hoover Institution
  • Last week, al-Qaeda's magazine--Inspire---carried a caption of a people-mover train at SF International Airport with the caption: "Assemble Your Bomb." SF Chronicle
  • Gambia's State House Imam likened homosexuality to terrorism. Jollofnews
  • Last week in Syria, Islamists murdered a Dutch Catholic Jesuit priest. World 
  • And Islamic mob murdered a Christian woman in Cairo, Egypt. International Christian Concern

I can go on for pages listing the attacks by Islamists against other religious and non-religious communities. The point I want to make is that most of these are rarely reported in our media. They need to be. The victims need a voice in the media. If the media continues to ignore these atrocities, the perpetrators will only feel more embolden to continue their religious and ethnic cleansing.

 In addition, while there are Muslims that are against these types of brutal attacks, they still remain largely silent. I'll even go further. By remaining silent, I believe that makes them complicit in these crimes and atrocities.

Postscript: Since we posted this piece, Islamists scumbags kidnapped almost 200 young girls. After reading this post, this action was predictable. And it's being reported Boko Haram continues to kidnap and rape girls and young women. ISIS is still ravaging the countryside in Iraq and Syria.